Monday, July 21, 2008

The trouble with pants

The difficulty for me, with pants, is that my midsection is the shape of an egg. Have you ever tried to put pants on an egg? Nothing stays up. I like to call my belly, affectionately, 'the medicine ball,' and it is now so large that none of my shirts entirely cover it. People are just going to have to get used to seeing the bottom strip of my egg/medicine ball/belly (just so long as I don't spring any short and curlies above the rolled down elastic waist of my pants!)

I'm in the home stretch!
And I want to add that although I complain for laughs or for real on here, 90% of this pregnancy has been wonderful, and I'm very very happy about it. The nausea sucked, and lasted longer than anticipated. The heat sucks. But everything else has truly been good. I know I complain, but I wanted to share that there is another side to all this too, that I don't always mention because it's not as funny nor as compelling to write about! I had hoped to enjoy being pregnant this time and I have!

I'm getting better, with the fear of labour and my fear of parenting three. I have a game plan: relax and do only what I can do. If I can't wash a load of dishes or somebody's underwear before it's time to leave for school, we'll deal with dirty. If CB doesn't sleep at night, we'll have naps. If I need a break, I'll sign Matthew up for an activity, or send him to a friend's house AND THAT IS OKAY! (I feel guilty about needing time apart from him, but I'm getting realistic about this). One day at a time, one hour at a time, and try to enjoy as many minutes as I can. Dude, they really do grow up fast. It was only a few minutes ago that Ayden was born, wasn't it? That five years went by in a heartbeat. Another five and he'll be TEN! Somebody tell me the magic formula to STOP TIME!?!

Boys will be home from grandma camp tomorrow night. I miss them, but DAMN if this past four days hasn't been relaxing! Just what I needed!


Janet said...

Glad you have had a relaxing four days!!!!

I LOVE your attitude about your new baby!!!

Breanne said...

When you start talking about time going fast...sigh. I can't help but well up. Isn't it so true? Time literally vanishes before our eyes.

Being a parent is so tough, but your right, you can only handle one moment at a time. We are so blessed to have these healthy, happy, beautiful kids, and we have to cherish every moment!

God bless them!!