Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my days

time slows down when you have a newborn in your arms.
my days are full of newborn baby smells. milk. poops. fresh laundry. sour milk pukes. the freshest, most fragrant skin on earth. breastmilk breath.
also, newborn baby textures. soft skin. tiny, downy hairs. milk letdowns. wet puke puddles in my hair, on my pyjamas, in my bed. a soft body sharing patches of warmth on my arms, belly, breasts, face.
sounds. 'mm-mm-mm-mm' as he nurses. tiny, short breaths stitched like thread across the space between us. grunts. squirts. burps.
beauty. his eyes, skin cheeks, hair sworls, feet, bum, flexible ears, tummy, and nape are fascinating visions of perfect, ethereal beauty. he's so beautiful that i can't sleep. all i want to do is watch him.

when his brothers are here, and awake, and their perfectly abundantly noisy selves, it feels crazy chaotic, but with an undercurrent of peace. smell my baby. he's the answer to the search for world peace. bring me armies, one by one--one breath each of baby newness and war will be finished.
if only.

so my days are filled with deep breaths of baby, warm cuddles, feedings, and baby gazing.
love, love, love.


Asheya said...

Congratulations! I am sooooo happy for you, that you have a precious newborn and that his birth was natural. I love today's post - you are truly a poet.

Sorry to hear about the tear - I hope your midwife told you to stay lying down with your legs closed and to avoid those donut cushions, as they can make the healing process longer.

It is so wonderful that you had such a great labour and birth experience, and that you trusted your body. Sending many blessings and smiles your way.

lori lls said...

Oh, yay! This is a beautiful post. I don't know what it is about scent, but I am getting so antcy to meet and smell my baby.

lori lls said...

And I am so proud of your birth-giving skills! You did it how you wanted to.