Sunday, August 3, 2008


Brent's parents offered to take the boys camping this weekend. Yahoo! I jumped at the chance of another relaxing few days 'off' before the baby comes. They left Friday and return tomorrow. We haven't heard from them so they must be having a great time. This is excellent because the boys LOVE camping but I knew I just wouldn't be up for it this summer. Normally I love camping as well, but 8 to 9 months pregnant? No way. I suggested Brent take the boys alone (after all, I did last summer remember?) but he didn't really jump at the chance (haha).
So, I'm reading and reading and reading, and working on my pre-CB to do list.
I'm almost finished "Three Cups of Tea" --everyone must read this book, it is SO GOOD! I'll write about it when I'm done.

I'm off to read some more, and then tackle some more 'to do'!!

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tamie said...

I just saw that you visited Lori's blog. Isn't she fantastic? She was here in Flag for one semester (she's my age) and I just fell in love with her and her husband.

That's all for now.