Friday, August 29, 2008


This was actually yesterday, not today. Today was decidedly UN shitty. Which was nice.
Yesterday was prefaced by the fact that, two weeks ago on August 16th, my mom was in a parking lot in our red '95 Toyota Corolla and a guy in an SUV backed into her and did some mad damage to the front side area of that car. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the SUV driver claimed full responsibility and paid our deductible without protest. It was his fault, but sometimes people try to argue their way out of things like that and without witnesses you're hooped. But we were not hooped.
Yesterday at 1 p.m. we got our car back, repaired.
Yesterday at 1:30 p.m. I was rear ended in our 2006 Toyota Matrix, with Riley and Matthew in the car with me. Mad damage to the bumper and hatch door. Plus, someone rear ended my vehicle in their carelessness with my brand new baby and my three year old in the car. LOOK WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE DRIVING, PEOPLE. I can't handle this.
This accident was also entirely the other drivers' fault. No contest there. I was stopped in a line of traffic and she plowed into the back of me. Still! In a matter of less than two weeks, both of our cars were wrecked by other people! I should be thankful it cost us nothing, but it shook me up.
This accident and subsequent exchange of information (during which time the other driver saw me crying but did not apologize for her carelessness) made us late for Matthew's first speech therapy appointment, which appointment costs $150.
Then we went to the mall to bring the boys to see the Wonder Pets, but it was lame. The Wonder Pets did nothing except stand there for photos.
Then at 4:30 I went to see my midwife and cried the entire appointment because I was so stressed.
My midwife must think I'm crazy (really she doesn't; and I didn't cry the WHOLE appointment, just some of it. My hormones are getting the better of me some days...this happened to be one of those days).
It also rained most of the day.


Today was much better, thank heaven. The sun came out in the afternoon, Matthew, Riley and I went for a walk (my first attempt since delivery), and Matthew and I spent some solid quality time together, and I was much more peaceful.
But still, I had to share with you my aweful day.
I'll post some pix tomorrow of life with Riley xoxoxoxoxoxxo


tamie said...

Dude. DOWN with people who rear-end cars with children in them. It is NO EXCUSE that they might not know there are children in them. It is no excuse that it's a mistake. And down with that woman for not apologizing. Bitch. I don't even care if that's not kind. Down with her!!!!

I am proud of you, my friend. Proud proud proud. You're a great mama. Now, if only the world can rally around for support and stop screwing up your cars! Ja-hee-zus.

Dana said...


Dawn and Dale said...


I thought of you lot's while we were away on holidays!! (Probably because we drove right by your house I'm sure a time or two!!!) lol

Soooooo happy to come home and see new pictures of your precious baby boy!!! He's soooo beautiful and I love love love his name!!!


melissa said...

thank you thank you thank you. Seriously, friends, it's good to have you rallying for me! I really couldn't believe the randomness of both cars being damaged by other people in a matter of two weeks.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Two cars in two weeks? Grrrr! Even if it is paid for by someone else (phew), its still a pain in the butt to deal with bringing it in, getting it fixed, picking it up etc. Excited to see some more pics of your three boys. Wow, three boys!

lori lls said...

That is one ridiculously shitty day. I'm very sorry about it and glad you decided to write it out. Good therapeutic choice. Dag, yo.