Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the domestic strikes again!

One of my goals this summer was to plan to avoid some BP-A exposure for my family this winter by canning my own tomatoes. I found it very difficult to find bulk tomatoes! Maybe next year I'll have to grow my own! My mom gave me two flats of plum tomatoes, and this afternoon, for the first time, I canned a vegetable (yes, Wheezer, I know tomatoes are technically fruit, but!...)
I took the red tomatoes out of here:

And put them in here (with a few intermediate steps):

I have nothing but good things to say about this baby, saves my butt every time:

In other news, here is a cute pic;

And some art from Matthew. This is a picture of Riley after he has eaten lots and lots of apples. The red thing is his belly button:

I went to visit my mom in Vernon this weekend! Brent was working so I packed up the three boys and drove 478 kilometres up to the Okanagan all by my self. I'm so proud. In fact, it was incredibly easy compared to what it could have been: I fed everyone and emptied their bladders/changed their bums as appropriate, and everyone was calm until the toll booth (which, by the way is now just a 'booth'--Gordon Campbell suddenly decided to eradicate the Coquihalla toll...three cheers for PR moves that save us money!!), where we pulled over to pee and breastfeed. Then everyone was calm until Kelowna, when Riley wanted to eat again but JUST before I pulled over he fell asleep again and we were good until my mom's place. So, we drove five hours with only one stop!
The weekend was great: Riley met his Gigi (great grandma on my mom's side) and an old family friend, Grandma Katie. We went to the beach I spent much of my childhood on, visited the Nature Centre and saw a real, live snake in the grass outside, among other things, and fed the ducks at Polson Park. We had fantastic weather, and my mom was awesome help with my kids as usual.
We chose to get up early Monday morning and drive home: we were blessed with the same configuration--everyone was okay until the toll booth where we peed and breastfed, and then we made it to Abbotsford before Riley woke up hungry. We made him wait until we got home (20 minutes)...boy was he PISSED OFF...I don't have any photogs of that, so you will have to use your imaginations! We made it home in time to get Ayden to kindergarten and Matthew to preschool. PERFECT! I think I just may be the Queen of Amazing Awesome Road Tripping and Beauty (why not get beauty in there too? Lol)!
When faced with parenting challenges these days I often think back to Riley's birth and think, "If I can do THAT, I can do this." Hence, a road trip with a five year old, four year old, and six week old, alone. It was actually fun. On the way up our portable DVD player broke (minor disaster), so Ayden and I made up stories to entertain us. Mine was about a girl who loved to travel and went to India with her sister and friend (true story, I did this when I was 23). She saw a beautiful white palace called the Taj Mahal, had a bunch of her money stolen from her, rode a train all the way across the country, ate BEAUTIFUL food like butter chicken (one of Ayden's favourites), yogurt and fresh fruit, and tea out of teacups you smash on the ground when you are finished with them (the Indian version of disposable cups...made of very thin clay intended for a single serving of tea), and saw a snake charmer with a pet snake in a basket, who came out and danced when the snake charmer played its flute. Ayden liked the snake charmer part of the story the best. I never told him it was a true story.
He told me two stories, but, sad to say, I didn't hear them because my right ear is still out of commission from my ear infection in July. In the car he sits behind me and to my right. Luckily he didn't get offended because I responded appropriately at the right times with "Oh, really?" and "That's neat!"
We had a fantastic time. Here are some pics with the grannies:

Grandma Katie


Sara and family said...

Good for you on all fronts. I wanted to can some tomatoes this year but never found the time. I'm going to grow my own tomatoes in my new greenhouse, so next year I'll have canned tomatoes.

Tonya said...

I always force myself to take some crazy trip after I have a baby. Kind of like a way to see if I can and get over the fear. :-) Never with a 6 week old though! After Josiah was born (he was 5 months maybe??), I drove 10 hours w/ all the kids - by myself. Nutty, yep. Haven't gotten to that point after #5 yet. But Eric is leaving for Korea in 2 weeks and the thought of driving to Dallas (14 hours) has crossed my mind. I won't though, I'm too sleep deprived!

So, congrats to you for proving that you CAN do it! :-) It's amazing what we can do, isn't it?