Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo essay of the past week

Open house at Ayden's kindergarten;

Ella and the boys reunited after several months

Look at Ella's face...she loves her cousins SO much!

Matthew's birthday party!

Our trip to Tacoma for So You Think You Can Dance (and Riley's first road trip)
This is Rowenna and Riley

My friend Melissa (everyone calls me Vose and her Wyville and the third Melissa in our church Wilson), trying very hard to get the proper face on for a photo

I laughed so hard I almost peed.

This is Becca


Stellar road tripper, Riley Vose

Plum picking at grandma and grandpa's

White Rock with Ella, Brian, and Billie

We found a jellyfish!

Mini nerdfest at Chapman's

I post many photos of Riley sleeping in weird configurations: this is to prove that he DOES actually sleep on his back, as recommended (most days he sleeps without a blanket as well, as recommended, though in this photo he is not. I own 2 sleep sacs which I LOVE for keeping him warm without a blanket)

Like father, like son

At dinner tonight we were killing ourselves laughing, taking random silly photos of each other (LOVE digital for instant visuals and no worries about wasting film!)

I've been trying SO HARD to get this photo, and tonight I got it! Usually the lip is gone by the time I get the camera past its time delay. This is now my desktop pic. Wouldn't you just give this kid ANYTHING he asked for? Too cute!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Ella makes me want to have a girl, she's soooo cute! I love the pic of Riley sleeping with his hands above his head:)

tamie said...

Mel, you are gorgeous! Lookin' good, kid. Oh, and your kids look good too. :)