Tuesday, November 18, 2008

another advantage

another great thing about my cloth diapers?
My son is a famous poonami producer. The cloth diapers with fleece on the inside (the part that touches the baby) which happy nappy provides are the ONLY diapers that will contain a riley poonami. I've only had one or two poo leaks with these diapers, and the fleece wisks away moisture like nobody's business.
I actually am finding the happynappy diaper dealio to be easier than either washing my own cloth OR using disposable diapers, because with disposables one always has the stinky garbage to deal with. These diapers are seriously easier than pampers, IMO.

I mentioned before that I was thinking of maybe doing some EC with this baby (elimination communication). I have not, thus far. I think I am just shy of topping the charts for feeling pretty busy, so learning a new way of taking care of baby waste seemed a bit too challenging when it came right down to it. I have been paying attention to some elimination cues, so one of these days I just might pop him on the toilet and see how it goes! We'll see.

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Asheya said...

The easiest way to start EC is to put him on the potty as soon as he wakes up. You are almost guaranteed to catch a pee if you whip his diaper off fast enough.

I have heard that whatever babies experience/learn EC wise before 6 months they retain, but after 6 months it's a lot more difficult. Just thought I'd give you the heads up!