Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crying Baby

Riley is a rare cryer. When he wakes up from a nap, he generally lies in his bed looking at things until he gets lonely, when he 'calls out' for me (and I do mean me) to come get him. His call out sounds like a 'mah!' and will accelerate into a cry if ignored for more than 4 or 5 minutes. He's always hungry when he wakes up, that's why he wants me.
When he is hungry and I'm holding him, he leans over sideways and wiggles himself into a nursing position, when I generally pull out my boob and feed him (if I miss this cue, he will start to cry pretty quickly...within thirty seconds, let's say).
When he is hungry at night he grunts really loud. He generally can't muster up the energy to cry at night, because he's half asleep and just wants boob. (Brent says so does he, but he doesn't get the same treatment. He's stumped as to why not.)
When he is lonely in his chair, he calls us. "Mah!"
When he's tired, he whimpers. "Mwah!" or "Hnh-hn-hn" or a single syllable cry "Wah!" And he rubs his eyes and looks grouchy.

Seriously, he could make it through an entire day without crying AT ALL (though most days he doesn't). He's so easy.
The odd time he has had a cranky ten minutes, or thirty minutes, or an hour. He freaks out if in the evening he wants me and I'm not there; no one else will do except daddy (and sometimes he even gets mad at daddy).
He only sort of had the purple crying, but not fully what they describe because he was never really inconsolable. A bath would always do the trick. Boob sometimes did the trick. A walk, a song, or a cuddle would generally work. Maybe his purple crying was so short he'd get over it in five or ten minutes and then be consolable again? He DOES cry, I must admit, at least 50% of the time that he is placed in his carseat. He dislikes that thing intensely. This lasts until the car starts rolling, and then he generally quiets down.
Yes, I am blessed. He has needs but he doesn't cry about them unless his other cues are missed by a long shot.
However, when he DOES freak out, it makes it all the more stressful, because he is usually so quiet!

Last night was one of those times. He cried for THREE AND A HALF HOURS, pretty much inconsolable, between 9pm and 12:30. It got to the point where I took off his clothes and his diaper so I could check to see if one of his bones was broken or his diaper too tight or a thread was wrapped around a body part or something! Lots of babies cry for this length of time and it is perfectly normal, but it is not normal for Riley! I was wondering if he had an ear infection or something?
He finally, finally fell asleep on my lap at half past midnight.
The trigger?
He woke up from a nap while I was out at Blockbuster. After 15 minutes of full on freak out mode, and after using all the tricks in his considerably large parenting toolbox, Brent called me. I was blissfully wandering around Blockbuster, browsing for movies, and enjoying my solitude. I answered the phone and Brent said nothing; he just held the phone up to Riley.
Then he came on the phone. "Your son wants to talk to you."
Ack! I drove home very fast.
But we figure that by the time I got home he was so beside himself that he was beyond help. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, didn't want his soother, wouldn't lie down, didn't want to cuddle, and TOTALLY didn't want to be anywhere but attached to me.

Poor poopsie.
Poor us!
Props to parents with colicky babies, man. I know I'm spoilt. I know it, I know it. I DO appreciate him. And props to you.

I must also delineate that Riley, although quiet and happy, is pretty particular. He likes his own home, his own bed, his own mom, his own dad, his own brothers, and his own cat. He doesn't tolerate it well when we travel, when other people hold him for very long, when he gets passed around a roomful of people, missing naps (which he does almost every day because he will ONLY sleep in his own or our bed, with the lights off and minimal noise), or long separations from me.
I'm a bit worried about the Doula course I signed up and paid for this weekend. My mom is flying down to look after Riley while I am in class, and she will bring him to me when he needs to eat and then take him out again. This seemed like an okay plan until last night's freakout: now I'm prepared for the possibility of ditching the course this weekend if he freaks out. Yikes! I hope not. For his sake and mine. No one likes to be in a freak out, they are not pleasant, especially when you are a baby and you don't know what's going on. And I don't want to walk away from this course!
Pray if you think of us, and hopefully everything will go well.
In my experience with Riley he doesn't freak out during the day. Only at night. But eight hours of just seeing me for feedings might be a shock on his system, since we're extensions of each other at the moment!

Here's hoping! And being willing to be flexible. Baby first.

[I'm excited about becoming a doula. Woot! Woot! Superduper. AND I've decided to learn to friend says it's really easy and she makes toys! Super cute! Like this one:]

My favourite is the amigurumi style:

Super cool. I was looking for ideas of what to give doula (and eventually midwife) clients as a gift, and I think I've found it! A bit artistic, creative, crafty, home made with love...perfect.
I'm going to buy some stuff to start this new hobby tomorrow! Or maybe tonight. We'll have to see how late Michael's is open.
[will this hobby go the long lost road of the guitar playing hobby of last year? we've yet to see...]


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

a. Praying our baby will be like Riley in regards to being content!!!
b. Did you go to Michaels? 50% off today and there are also coupons for tomorrow for 40% off:)c. Are you watching SYTYCD Canada? I am loving it. I don't love the guest judging by Mary because she drives me crazy but I'm loving the variety of dance styles and quality of dance. I don't really agree with Canada's votes for last week but ya...good stuff!

Dana said...

That post was a testament to your parenting abilities and connection with your son... how in tune you are to his different cries!

He sounds like such a wonderful little man. A special guy!

Maybe you could crochet one of these:

tamie said...

Hey babe, y'alright? Haven't heard from you in a few days.

I'm happy for you about the Doula did it go?