Saturday, November 22, 2008

holy Ikea batman!

We (Brent) are refinishing our kitchen cabinets. This is one of those jobs that always creates more jobs, in a seemingly endless string until months have passed and you want to kill your spouse every time you look at it.
Months ago, Brent took the doors off the cupboards, cleaned, and sanded them to be restained.
He has not touched them since, and is now spending hours preparing the cupboards themselves for cleaning and sanding. He took off the range hood and ranted about how dirty it was and how he wanted to purchase a new one rather than put that old one back up. Granted, it was gross. One look and I agreed. New range hood in our near future. Price tag? $150. Okay.
So we went to Ikea for a few odds and ends, stocking stuffers for the boys (they have awesome masks for the boys' dress up box) and new bowls for their snacks (metal! Won't break OR leech plastic grossies into snacks). So we were wandering leisurely past the kitchen area (the big boys were in much do WE love Ikea? Free babysitting, thanks!), when we noticed that they had a stainless steel and black, large, fancy microwave WITH A RANGE HOOD ATTACHED!! We're in the market for a new microwave, too. Hmmm....
Price tag? $350. We'll think it over. Save up. Come back in a few months, maybe? Okay.

And THEN we went to the As Is section, because who doesn't?
In the As Is section what do we see? A silver and black microwave with range hood attached, for $250. What's wrong with it? The box has a rip in it. Seriously!!! $100 off because the box has a rip in it! Whoever was on duty the day this one came in had their head screwed on backwards, but we'll take it! It was like that Ikea commercial where the wife gets in the car and yells at her husband to "DRIVE! DRIVE!" because she thinks her bill is so low someone must have made a mistake and given her some of her stuff for free!

Smokin' deal, folks.

Now, if my husband ever gets his gear in order and installs the thing....(first would come the refinishing of the cupboards)...

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Caryn and Dan said...

I am also a huge fan of the as is section! We found our Master bedroom frame there for $40 bucks because it had some blue paint on the under side of the frame. Who cares! Sweet deal! Also I completely understand the reno frustrations... we renovated our entire last house...ahhh. If you look back on the blog entry for April 13th,2007 you can see some the disaster we lived in... not the best times, but totally worth it!