Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some stuff

So a few weeks ago we bought a pasta maker on sale at London Drugs for $17. Yippee! I cannot believe I am now at the point where I am comfortable in my cooking enough to MAKE PASTA. This always seemed a strange, unnecessary, foreign activity to me. One I would mock. Make pasta? Because the store might one day run out of pasta? Jeepers.
At a friend's mom's place a few years ago I age homemade chicken noodle soup, with homemade NOODLES in it, and I've had a desire to make it ever since. Especially since Matthew came and I delved into the dietary side of allergy reduction (namely, avoid refined sugars and preservatives, both of which are in store bought chicken noodle soup). Seriously, people. Homemade NOODLES!
I bought the ingredients but couldn't quite bring myself to make it, until I figured out that I was insecure about teaching myself to make BOTH noodles AND chicken soup in the same night. So, I enlisted my family (it was more like a draft, really. There was no choice in the matter. Luckily everyone was enthusiastic) and we MADE NOODLES and MADE SOUP from scratch (with a little help from my favourite organic soup base) and it was delicious. The pasta was remarkably easy and tasted fantastic, and didn't puff up in the soup like bought noodles would have. We had enough leftover noodles to have spaghetti and meatballs the following night.
Hooray for culinary ingenuity, risk, and success!
Here are some photogs.

Here, also, is Matthew after he requested to hold Riley today(so, so cute)

And some photos of our trip to Victoria the weekend before last, to meet my cousin Sara's latest baby, Ryen


Caryn and Dan said...

In the last picture they look like two Dr. Suess characters out of "Cat in the Hat."

So Adorable.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I love how Riley is looking at Matthew in that picture with a sweet smile on his face. Way to go with the pasta maker..we love ours too!

Asheya said...

I am in awe of your pasta making! Very cool!

Cute kids, and I loved the slogan signs. Especially the one about eating money.

Anonymous said...

I love making pasta, your noodles look great. I have been through 4 pasta machines, the one I have now is the strongest, it is like yours. But I bought mine in a garage sale so I wonder if I am missing attachments? I have to cut mine by hand, I will have to see your machine. Now I am looking for a gluten free dough for the pasta maker. THere is nothing like homemade pasta. You can dry it too and store it for later. alyssa.

Jen said...

I want to eat your soup.