Thursday, November 20, 2008

torie update

apparantly torie's contractions were regular and 2 minutes apart for quite a few hours, and then totally stopped. that was the last update I got, sometime this afternoon. such a long journey, this birthing thing! sometimes the body needs to get things organized before starting a consistent labour pattern (baby is in a less than optimal position, or uterine muscles need some conditioning...). tiring, but so necessary!
often, physicians get in the way of this natural process and act impatiently, breaking waters or augmenting with pitocin, when the body is doing what is needed before it's truly time to give birth to that baby. sometimes, labour stops. frustrating, but natural. i think physicians sometimes cause babies to descend in less than optimal positions because they don't understand WHY labour stops. they generally think of it as 'stalled,' or think of a woman's body as knowing less than they do how to birth her baby...dangerous territory, people. dangerous territory. why don't we respect nature more? she has her reasons. very good reasons!
wasn't it a few generations ago that physicians thought processed, dehydrated cow's milk with added vitamins was more nutritious than breastmilk? sometimes we don't respect nature enough.


anyways, the latest.
i'll let you know more as i know it!

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Asheya said...

ditto on the rant. I was just talking to a new mom today (baby is less than 2 weeks old) who had a pretty traumatic birth after the doctors a) broke her water since she was progressing so "slowly" b) augmented her labour c) gave her an epidural d) pushed baby into position because baby was lodged on her pubic bone - duuuh, breaking the water because labour was progressing too slowly, do you think there might have been a reason that maybe could have resolved on its own with a slow labour? e) performed an episiotomy f) used the vacuum to get baby out g) resuscitated baby whose umbilicial cord broke on the way out.

At least she didn't have a c-section. But sigh. It probably didn't have to go that traumatic way. I'm no midwife, but still, just look at the cascade of interventions.