Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cranky momma

I was cranky today.
Some yelling ensued.

I'm still sick.

In better news, Riley rolled from front to back today for the first time. He's been rolling back to front since our trip to Mackenzie in October, but this is the first time he rolled front to back. I'm guessing tummy time will soon be vetoed as he can now roll to get himself out of the dreaded tummy position. I'm also guessing he would have rolled front to back earlier if he tolerated tummy time a bit better. He can usually last for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes but he's not the happiest (for those of you without kiddos; tummy time is an actual term for intentional placing of your baby on its stomach. Since kids now sleep on their backs they dislike being on their fronts and some babies are skipping the crawling stage or getting flat heads from spending too much time on their backs. Hence, tummy time. Oh, and they are recommended to be put to sleep on their backs because it reduces their chances of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by 40%.)
This is him after he rolled, looking surprised:

Three boys in a tub. Does it get much better than this? The shampoo picture was taken BEFORE it got in his eyes, which pretty much ended that experience. Riley loves the tub, but gets a bit overwhelmed when I put him in there with his brothers so I only do it once in awhile. Too cute!

When we were in Vernon for Grandma Kadie's funeral, Ayden said to me, "It's so sad that Riley won't be able to see Grandma Kadie and she won't be able to see him when he's growing up."
That kid.
I wanted to write that down so I didn't forget it!

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Janet said...

I am a cranky momma today. My poor kids. I may have no hair at the end of this day. Or no voice. ARG.