Monday, December 8, 2008

Nico wins!

I called that one (silently), because most voters are probably female.

All four top dancers are amazing technical dancers, so my favourite was based solely on personality (plus I find her absolutely stunning to watch...on a level far above any dancer I've ever seen...which is saying a LOT as I've seen a great many dancers) and charisma...
she was so SHY she always looked like she wanted to disappear when interviewed or put on the spot! But when she danced she came alive. And dude, what she could do with a skirt. Holy keerap.

Asheya, you're entitled to your opinion but I think you're nuts!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I loved them all too and agree that it must be all the female voters:) Natali's body was insane. And Allie had such a funky ballerina style on some of her solos. Such a long finale but worth it:)

Asheya said...

Allie would have been my next pick. But I'm actually really glad Nico won. So.

One thing I have to say though, is that the hostess really, really annoyed me. She kind of turned me off of watching the show. I don't think they cast her very well. I saw another think you can dance from the states and the hostess was amazing. She was very classy, and pretty in a subtle way, and I don't know, she portrayed herself as genuine, which I didn't feel this hostess did. Which doesn't matter to the dancing, but was annoying to me as a viewer.
Whatever. Not really important in the grand scheme of life!

Deb said...

I didn't mind the hostess, but for me, the thing that annoyed me was how LONG it takes for the judges to say what they had to say. Less talking, more dancing please!!

Janet said...

Thanks for the note about Matthew on my blog. It kind of explains a few things. I hope that it goes away SOOON! But since Matthew has been doing it for THREE years....arg!

Elizabeth said...

I heart Nico.