Friday, December 26, 2008

Smarty Pants

Today Riley sat alone for the first time, twice. For about 10 seconds each time. My smart boy!
I didn't get a photo of it, but I'll try and catch it tomorrow.
He's four months, 12 days old.

He also sat on the baby potty for the first time tonight, before his bath. I know it's not exactly EC, as he is not communicating per se, but it's a start. He didn't pee, but he didn't protest. Also, Matthew got to be the Big Brother and demonstrate a proper big boy pee on the big potty at the same time. He loves doing big brother stuff.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain on our two feet of heavy snow. Pray that our roof doesn't cave in, K? Thanks to deb for praying for our vehicle safety last week :-)
Now we need roof prayers. So do you, I reckon!

In other news, in two truffles there are 250 calories.
Don't read the nutrition panel on Christmas goodies. It's depressing. It doesn't stop you from EATING them, it just makes you ENJOY them less! After the snow goes I'm going to be hitting the pavement three times a week for serious, to get ready for the Sun Run in April.

Also, today was supposed to be my last public day as a blogger.
I'll figure it all out tomorrow.
So, here is your last warning: tomorrow you'll need your email address to access my blog. I'm sorry!
xo, blogosphere, and friends.

Love to you all.

p.s. I love the snow.
Love it.

p.p.s. Addison is in the hospital for an underdeveloped trachea and difficulty keeping her oxygen levels up. Please pray! Seriously, her parents have had enough woes with regards to their childrens' health to fill a medical textbook already. Now Addi is sick. Pray hard!


Breanne said...

Sara, Kelsey and I are all getting aboard the healthy train too, come January. I love Christmas but I hate that there is so much tempting high calorie delights.

PS: I will pray for your friends. :)


Asheya said...

Yay for starting EC! Just giving Riley the opportunity to sit on the potty and not pee/poo in his diaper is communicating with him, letting him know that you want to pay attention to his needs. That's what it's mostly about.

Sara and family said...

Why can't I stop eating them, seriously??