Monday, December 15, 2008

thank you

thank you, thank you for the love and stories. The fall was scary and I'm so glad that scary is all it was!
It really does help to hear about other peoples' stories of babies and kids' near reminds me that I'm not the only parent to whom this kind of stuff happens, and that every kid gets bumped and scraped and sometimes dropped, and most of us grow up fine and dandy.
Thank you.


Roboseyo said...

anything you need, mel. I'll even make up some stories if you like.

did I ever tell you about that month I went missing and ran with a pack of feral dogs in the woods of southern ontario?

Anonymous said...

lmao! hee hee. mel

Asheya said...

I had meant to leave a comment on your scary post, but ran out of time. Anyway, I just wanted to say I am really glad you and Riley are both alright. I have a fear of falling, especially when I am really big & pregnant.

Amazing how our instincts really do work to protect our children!