Friday, January 30, 2009

better late than never, and photogs

For New Years this year, I made two resolutions.
One, to give to charity on a regular basis, starting with $20 a pay period.
Two, to write more often in my journal.
So far, I've given to charity once and written in my journal every night. Since I started blogging 2 years ago I have been decidedly lax in my journal writing. Which doesn't make sense, because my most private angry, sad, or conflictual moments don't make it to my blog. I'm pretty transparent, but I don't write about EVERYTHING. Which means I had no written outlet for those most private feelings. They are pouring out of me now, I tell ya. Nothing profound or deep, but I feel VERY good about revisiting my journal. It is good for my soul.

Other things I am looking forward to in 2009 include;
Watching Riley grow.
Visiting the tulip festival in April...we are planning an overnight getaway in Seattle including a Mariner's baseball game and the tulip fields and a hotel stay which should be wonderful. Not quite HAWAII, but a nice getaway nonetheless.
Water park fun.
Riley's first birthday!! Already planning it!!!
Nerdfest 2009 in August.
Ayden entering first grade in Sept!
Matthew entering kindergarten!
Watching Matthew's speech improve in leaps and bounds. I always knew he was smart for his age but nobody else could access his intelligence through the foggy haze of his stuttering, babyish speech. He has come SO FAR and surprises his speech pathologist every week that we go with his improvement in leaps and bounds. We are now able to correct his grammar! Believe me, before there were so many layers of problems that grammar was WAY down on the list of priorities, but now we work on it every day. Whew! What a blessing!
Breastfeeding more, and transitioning into a more enjoyable, less tethered, food-plus-breastmilk diet which will make our breastfeeding relationship more pleasant for me.
Taking some courses next fall/winter to prepare for going back to school.
Applying for UBCs midwifery school for the fall of 2010 (deadline Dec 31st, 2009).
Going back to work (I'm dreading this, actually, for the first time ever...)
Possibly finishing up the renovations on our townhouse and purchasing a new house? We will have to see...but it is on the table for discussion just about every day.
Watching my aunt Lynne and my grandma KICK BREAST CANCER'S ASS.
Running in the Run for the Cure this September, no excuses this time, I'm doing it.
Visits to Victoria and Vernon.
Hooray for 2009!

Now for some photogs:

Riley's first foray with a sippy cup and water:

oh, didn't like the taste of that...but going back for more!!!

Paige has given up on affection from us, and resorted to cuddling with a crocodile:

Start them young. Storytime is the best part of our day.


Breanne said...

Your kids are cute of course, but man do I have a crush on your cat! :P

Tonya said...

Hey, that's a cool sippy cup. Where did you get it???

Roboseyo said...

nice pics. I just bought a paperblanks diary, too.

lori lls said...

Great resolutions! When I ever do make a concerted effort to journal, I am way better off emotionally. Kind of like physical exertion - it feels so good to do, but you have to work up the motivation for it. I do NOT get why humans are this way. Why do we fight the things we need?

Those Spiderman pajamas on Matthew - wow. I never had any myself, but friends did or something, because it was instantaneous recognition accompanied by a specific childhood feeling.