Tuesday, January 20, 2009

birthday celebration

So last thursday was my 31st birthday, which i mostly just wanted to ignore or pretend wasn't happening. My cousin Sara came over from Victoria with her two little sweethearts, and Brent's mom and dad and sister Cherilyn met us at the Keg for dinner that night. It was perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Family, a good steak, some hot horseradish, and some garlic mashed potatoes. And some cake. Which was yummy, and free, but not as good as the Keg creme brulee which is what I really wanted and should have ordered, in retrospect. Anyways, here are some pix of my birthday:

Good times had by all. And I got some great gifts, as well.

Here are some pix of the rest of our visit from Sara and her gang (when the seven of us go anywhere, it is like we are a noisy crowd with flailing arms and legs and the odd screech going from place to place. So fun!)

And some of my baby:

I haven't been posting as much as usual lately. It's a mixture of us being sick, Sara visiting, and it being winter which puts me in a funk and makes me feel like I have nothing interesting to say. Plus, I'm reading more and computing less. I have a stack of books I'm working thru--some on anxiety, some on midwifery, and some fiction, so I guess I've had my nose in a book every chance I get!
I keep telling myself that I only have to get thru one more month. Usually around here by March the flowers are blooming. April is the tulip festival and by May we're well out of winter.

Crying baby! Gotta go!


Sara and family said...

Nice pics, thanks for sharing. We had a great visit. Are you coming this weekend? I need to know once you make up your mind - I have to have numbers to the rec centre. I hope you do.
love you

Roboseyo said...

I love your pictures. Love love love them.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

and happy birthday again.

love -

Asheya said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good time on your special day. And even though getting older brings with it all sorts of philosophical ponderings (or wrinkle ponderings, whatever!), the fact remains that the day you were born deserves to be celebrated! I'm glad you're alive and that I can know you! love and hugs.