Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a day in the life

Riley has recently switched up his sleeping schedule. He used to sleep til 10 or so, then go down at 11:00, I'd have to wake him up at 11:30 to walk the boys to school, then he'd go down again at 1:30, and I'd have to wake him up at 2:00 to walk to pick up the boys from school. Then he'd be up until 4, sleep for an hour, and be up until about 9.

Now he wakes up at 8, poops, and stays up til 10. Then he wakes himself up around 11:20, just in time to walk the boys to school. MUCH BETTER!

So, this morning he woke me up at 8, pooped, then stayed up til 10. At 11:20 he woke up, we hustled out the door, and walked in 5 cm of fluffy new snow with flakes as big as my palm cascading onto our faces and shoulders. We walked Ayden to school, and then Matthew, Riley and I walked a further kilometer to the Community Centre to return some library books, have lunch, cross the street to the bank, cross the next street to Blockbuster to return some movies, and then BOOT IT to the bus stop to catch the bus home. I have a pack of bus passes in my diaper bag so I can use them whenever I want and not have to worry about change. That has been the best way to get myself to use the bus system more often--to not have to worry about payment! We RAN to the bus stop and were still about 50 feet away when the bus came and I was totally the crazy dorky lady who runs, carrying one kid and dragging the other behind her, flagging down the bus with her arm. I had to laugh at myself. Yup, call me Dorkus.
We made it home just in time to eat a snack, and then went back out in the snow to walk to pick Ayden up. Today, Matthew and Riley and I walked over 4.5 Kilometers, and rode the bus for 6 minutes. I've done this trip before, where I walk the boys to school and then continue on to the Community Centre or somewhere in town, and I tell ya, it is great, and I'm glad I do it, but it is sure an AWEFUL LOT of effort that saves only a VERY LITTLE greenhouse gas! But it's also good for us. Healthy. And it is nice to savour things as we walk along. You know, underneath the chatter. In fact, I kind of think it is sad that in Ayden's school only 50 out of 400 kids walk to school on a regular basis. Pick up and drop off times are a traffic zoo filled with noxious fumes! Happily, I have not seen any wild, dangerous, speedy, or jaw dropping driving in Ayden's school zone (unlike at his preschool last year, which bordered on the insane...I actually saw people pull illegal U turns in school zones without shoulder checking or looking in their mirrors. People sped at 60-70 kph ALL THE TIME in that school zone!!!), just a ton of traffic volume at pick up and drop off. When the snow was at its deepest it was the worst, because there was no street parking and the small parking lot at the city park next to the school wasn't plowed, so people literally sat in their cars for 10 to 15 minutes waiting for the chance to pull into the school driveway. Plus, more people were driving to pick up their kids because no one had the wherewithal to shovel the sidewalks in front of their houses so there was literally nowhere to walk. The snow was unbelievable. And we don't usually have much snow so it doesn't really get cleared the way it should. Anyways.
After picking Ayden up from school I left the bigger boys with Brent and RAN to the grocery store in a panic to cram in a week's worth of shopping in an hour before Brent had to leave for work...
I mean, I didn't actually RUN...I mean, I drove quickly and speed walked around the store with my grocery cart, muttering and cutting people off.

Yesterday I ran! I'm up to run 2 minutes, walk 3, times 7. Feels good! I want to do an aerobics class soon too. Maybe tomorrow?

A day in the life.

I also have been wanting to post about this contraption I discovered:

(photo credit goes to Sara, thanks babe)
It's called an Ergo carrier and it does front, back, and hip carry. I love it! My back started to hurt with the Bjorn at about 17 lbs, especially in the snow. But mostly I got it so I could carry Riley while I was cooking. I needed something so he could go on my back and be safe while I cook, because if he's up while I'm cooking he always wants to be held that time of day.
It is very ergonomical. It might be a bit hot in the dead of summer, but otherwise I can't think of anything I don't like about it. You can do skin to skin with it too. It goes up to I think 35 lbs? So I could but Matthew in it if I wanted to. Here's a picture of my cousin's husband, Leigh, with his baby Ryen on the front:


Check it out here


Dana said...

Sweet sleep switching story!

I am green, extremely green these days in particular. My sleep woes never seem to end. Micah has been full on two and it extends to bedtime and naptime... so annoying.

I have a baby trekker... how is the ergo diferent? The trekker was good on the front but my kids were never happy on my back.

Impressive outings, you! Awesome!!

Sara and family said...

that is one hot guy on your blog ;)


Breanne said...

Thanks for the advice on growing pains Mel. I'm going to check the health food stores.

And you say Matthew had them? But they went away?

Both my Mom and I had them but not until we were at least 5! That's why I'm worried. This has been happening since he was 2!!!

Dana said...

You're giving out growing pains advice? I want some. Micah had some mysterious wakings a few weeks ago and we wondered if it was growing pains...

lori lls said...

Melissa, oh how glad I am that you have Tamie for a friend and so do I and that all of us somehow or another got onto blogging. Every time I read your stories, I am a happier person. There is something so grounding in reading another mother's musings, including when their children sleep or poo.

As I read this blog, I am carrying Zoralee in a Snuggli front carrier and already feeling the back strain at 10 pounds, just because of how it carries. I have a couple of other carriers too, all given to us by people, and they work well but don't hold an infant on the back or side. I am SO THRILLED to read your review of the Ergocarrier. I visited the website and will likely be getting one soon.

lori lls said...

Oh! In one of my recent posts, I talk a bit about my experience with EC. That is another topic I've really appreciated from your blog.