Monday, January 26, 2009

sleep--woot! woot!

dudes, I put my baby to bed last night at 9 p.m. and he slept until 7 a.m.
At 7, he rolled over and grunted at me (at which point my overly full leaking boob squirted him in the face), I fed him without really waking up that much, and we both fell back asleep until 8.
Double woot woot!
So, since I went to sleep around 11:30 last night, I had a good, solid 8 plus hours of sleep last night. Seven hours uninterrupted. This is a first since August, and I am relishing the energy.
Dana is green, I know it. Her youngest is 27 months old and just in the last few weeks slept thru like this for the first time since he was born. But don't get too green, girl. One night does not a pattern make. One night a reprive makes, but not a pattern!
I'm just grateful for what I can get!

I find it interesting that for a few days right before I get my period, my milk supply drops. Riley is usually up every hour or two during those few days, wanting to drink what little I have and fall back asleep, only to wake up shortly after, hungry again. And then the few days after my period is gone, I've got milk by the dozens. And then he sleeps longer stretches. So interesting how the hormones work!
Most women get a reprive from their period when they breastfeed. Not I, said the fly. No no. My reprive is apparantly just the 9 months of pregnancy, and then a few weeks afterwards. Those first few cycles are hormonal roller coasters, let me tell you. I'm a dragon. You won't want to live with me, talk to me, drive on the same road as me...

Anyways, I thought I'd share my sleeping miracle with you!

Also, I wanted to post this: for my birthday the boys told Brent they each wanted to get me a gift especially from them. So he asked them, 'What do you want to get for her?' Ayden hmmmd and haaaaad and wasn't sure, but straightaway Matthew said, "Me want get mommy wine." "Wine?" Brent asked. "Yeah, mommy like wine. Me know mommy like wine, I want buy mommy wine." Okey, dokey! So on my birthday this petite little boy runs in with a big bottle of wine for me, "Here wu go mommy! Me got wu wine! Happy birfday!"
So funny.
I do like a half glass of wine here and there, but I'm no wino! So funny! Dang, he's cute.
Ayden got me a teapot. I loved that, too.

Riley got me a diaper full of poo. But what else is new?



Breanne said...

Congrats to Riley for sleeping through the night! I reaallly hope it continues for you. Jacob started sleeping through the night at 5 his own crib, in his own room. I was VERY lucky to have a child that required no sleep training. Some people don't have it so easy! Good luck. And Happy Belated Bday. :)

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Yippee!! Doesn't a solid sleep make you feel like a new person?! Yay Riley! I also get my period while breastfeeding but last time i think I made it 4 months or so...Very cute about Matthew's gift of wine for you:)