Tuesday, January 6, 2009

update on riley and prayers for auntie

thanks for your inquiries and prayers! Riley is no better today, but only a tiny bit worse. His cough has not developed into croup as of yet, so we are thankful. He is very wheezy though, and very stuffy, with a pretty nasty cough and still going with the diarrhea. He's not acting/looking dehydrated yet, and actually ate more today than yesterday or the day before (and barfed less). He's still pretty miserable. The Nazgul screech is being overutilized. His voice is pretty hoarse. I took him to the doctor last Friday when he first got sick, and he said Riley looks healthy and should be able to fight this one on his own. However, he's not getting any better and it has now been five days so I will be making an appointment to go back again tomorrow. Babies get colds and I'm not a big one for drugs or antibiotics if they are unnecessary, but this cold seems particularly strong and nasty and I would hate for Riley to get sick enough for the hospital when he could have been treated at the doctor's office a few days before!
Please keep praying for him, he's very miserable and his lungs are young! And his momma is worried!

Also, could you please pray for my aunt? She and my grandmother have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and my aunt Lynne had surgery today to remove her tumor. Pray that they got all the cancer and that she would feel strong and well loved, and be healthy during her recovery from surgery, and during the weeks ahead as she enters chemo treatment. I hope she doesn't mind my asking for your prayers on her behalf.

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Dana said...

Been praying and will continue!!!

love ya