Friday, February 6, 2009


There was a shooting in the parking lot of my grocery store this afternoon. Gang related. Tons of shots fired. Ack! I shop there at least once a week, sometimes with my kids! Even more often I'm in the parking lot, because there are quite a few stores that we frequent in that same strip. Over 40 shots were fired.
Brent played it cool. Wasn't surprised. For some reason, the area surrounding the movie theatre is a really cool place for gang related activity.

Here are some UBER COOL ambulance shots from this afternoon. This would mark the first time I have missed work since Riley was born.


Breanne said...

Yikes. That sounds scary! Was anyone hurt?

Caryn and Dan said...

I totally feel morbid when I look at stuff like that and go... "Ooooh, cool." I mean, I should be sad, after all a terrible thing happened and I should just feel bad about it... at least I think that is the healthy response... but I can't help be wondering, "what are the injuries... are there any fatalities... who is it?"

Dana said...

That is totally freaky! I'm glad you weren't there this afternoon!!