Monday, February 2, 2009

Manners and poop

Why is it that everything we try to teach our children happens to be an opportunity for them to exert their autonomy and be oppositional, whereas everything they learn in school is the gospel truth? Case in point; ever since we had Matthew we have been drilling manners into him: please, thank you, hello, goodbye, fine thank you, sorry, excuse me, look at people when they address you, etc, etc. Half the time when other people talk to Matthew I want to bury my head in the sand because he is so rude. This week's theme at preschool? Manners. Suddenly he's the expert on manners. "Wu not say tank wu, mommy." Uh huh. "That's because I said 'have a good day' instead."
Case in point with Ayden; ever since we had Ayden I've been trying to instill an awareness of taking care of the environment. This week at school he is studying recycling and composting and suddenly he's gone from litter bug to scorning the garbage truck and picking up other peoples' litter (used beer bottles on the way home from school do you say 'you're on the right track but don't pick up those?')

And while we're on the topic of picking things up...why don't people pick up their dog poo? Just because it is a public trail, or a snowbank, doesn't absolve you of your responsibility to pick up your dog's poop. You don't want to pick up poop? Don't get a dog. I don't want my kids walking in it. Poopheads.
To those of you who DO pick up your dog's poop: THANK YOU.

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lori lls said...

Ha! I haven't experienced this phenomenon yet of kids grasping ahold of a concept when it comes from someplace other than you, but I'm sure I will.

Little beer bottle story. On a trip a couple summers ago, I witnessed four young guys get out of a pickup, throw their beer bottles on the ground, and go into the same restaurant we were headed into. After they went inside, I picked up the bottles and put them right into the pickup bed. We were seated at the table next to them, and the whole time I fumed. After supper, I walked over to their table and told them what I had done and that it was only fair to warn them, in case they got pulled over and busted for "open containers" without even knowing they were there. They got very ashamed and were gentlemanly about it, apologizing for throwing the bottles on the grass in the first place. Then we walked back to the motel next to the restaurant and went to bed.

WELL. The next morning, I looked where their pickup had been parked, and would you believe the bottles were right back on the grass?! I was PISSED. I could not believe grown up people had done this - twice! And once after being confronted!

Down the road we went, and at a little gas station two hours later, I kid you not, we went into a Subway sandwich shop, and there they were!!!! I didn't say a word though. I was too livid. My husband said, "Hey guys." They totally avoided eye contact with us.

That bothered me for so long. I should journal about it, shouldn't I? Yikes.