Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Citizens, open your hearts

My much loved, sweet, funny, energetic, smart, witty, noisy, second born son is now officially a Canadian citizen!
It is a big day in the Vose household!
It is funny, but this paper validating his citizenship makes me feel like he is placed more solidly in my arms. Like before he was resting in my arms and now he is buckled into place. I didn't know it would make any difference in my mind, but it does. He feels more solidly mine, more securely placed. I guess because before he was a long standing visitor, and now is a citizen. It feels good to have my baby be more securely nestled in our culture.

Baby love when we brought him home:

And getting used to our family:

Tons of personality:

Growing up so fast!

Where does time fly to?

All Canadian boy:

Watch out Canada, here he comes!


lori lls said...

Congratulations, Matthew Vose!

Dana said...

Whoohooo! Congratulations!

Roboseyo said...

congrats a million

Dawn and Dale said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post!!! Congratulations Matthew!!!

Rachel Clear said...

This was an awesome awesome post. I've been so curious to learn more about Matthew and the whole story (my hubby and I have been considering adoption). Maybe I just need to scroll down farther in the blog. :)

Either way, he is beautiful and this was a wonderful post!

Deb said...

I love the pic of him sleeping on you (in the bathing suit) - how precious - especially since I know how you were struggling at that time. He looks so at home and loved.

YAY for one more marvelous Canadian in the world! Welcome to the gang, Matthew!

ps - you challenged me - I've got two new posts for you to enjoy!

Janet said...

Congrats! I can not WAIT to have Adam and Jeane become Canadian citizens!

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Yay!! I love that first picture of Matthew sleeping in the crib...so precious.

Asheya said...

Congratulations! He is such a gorgeous boy - it's so great to see the photos of him from the past few years.

If we ever do adopt a baby from another country I'll have to get some info from you for sure!

tamie said...

Congratulations, Matthew! Huge hugs and much love!

He is so an extra-adorable child. I am so glad he's a part of your family, and thus a part of all our lives!