Saturday, March 14, 2009


A new twist to the old salad:

Fill a pasta bowl with:
Lettuce (several different kinds is better, but whatever you have on hand)
crumbled nacho chips
warm brown beans in tomato sauce (or pork if you prefer)
sliced green olives (I'm a junkie for almond stuffed olives mmmmmmm...)
more crumbled nacho chips
veggies on hand, like peppers, carrots, radishes, celery, etc
cilantro (optional)
blue cheese or ranch dressing
grated cheese

My mom calls it a Haystack. It sure is delicious, and filling! I had one for lunch today. Easy to make. Original. Protein and veggies. What could be better? I mean, besides ice cream or chocolate.


nancy said...

Original Haystack Recipe
-crushed taco chips
-warm baked beans(or refried beans)
-grated cheddar cheese
-chopped tomatoes
-green onions
-chopped dill pickles
-salsa around perimiter
-ranch dressing
This is a 7th Day Adventist recipe which I first tried at the Armstrong Provicial Fair, for those who are interested is recipe history! Any and all additions/subtractions add to the appeal

tamie said...

Dude! I check your blog like 11 times a day. Please post again!

tamie said...

hey mel, i have an idea. remember when you were thinking about making your blog private because you were worried about people trying to find brent? well, i was just looking at the settings on blogger, and there is a setting to make it so that people can't find your blog via search engines. so to "settings" then "basic" and you'll see it there. i hope this helps!