Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photos of the Bug Zoo

I told you guys this place was fantastic. Here are some pix to prove it!!! The boys in the pix are my two, Ayden and Matthew, Sara's oldest, Kaleb, and a friend of ours Kelsey's two, Jordan and Matthew. Not in the pix: Me, Sara, Kelsey, and the two babies. I refused to hold any bugs, though I did pet the foot long millipede to show the boys not to be afraid. I had to look away when Ayden pet the tarantula and the scorpion the size of my fist! Talk about counter intuitive!! But I grit my teeth and put my momma fears away, and let my kids handle the bugs. It was awesome!


Sara and family said...

Kelsey's boys are Jordan and Matthew.

Rachel Clear said...

Oh wow. This looks REALLY fun for kids (and really awful to me personally!), but my reaction will probably be similar to yours when I have kids.

Is it bad to secretely hope my future children are scared of bugs too? :)