Friday, March 27, 2009

Pictures and Medicine

Yesterday our good friends Gary and Louise took some professional pics of our family. It was wild and woolly! G & L have a photography business. Check out their awesome photos! We are grateful to have such talented friends! A few weeks ago they took some awesome ones of Riley you can check out here, or wait until I have a chance to upload some to this blog of mine! I got the DVD of photos of Riley yesterday
Gary and Louise are very patient and down to earth people, which is a total blessing when corralling three small boys, two babies and some adults in a muddy field (G & L brought their kids along, which is why I mention more kids than I have). We had a good time, and I can't wait to see some of the gorgeous photos they took of me and all my boys :D
If you need some gorgeous photos done, call these guys!

In other news, my breasts and Riley's mouth are infected again. I'm about to go crazy with pain/worry/purple stains! I saw a lactation consultant yesterday, and she confirmed my initial diagnosis of yeast. She had some helpful suggestions, a whole bunch of them, and recomeended I go see Verity Livingstone at the Vancouver Breastfeeding clinic. She's the in-house expert and research guru at BC Womens' Hospital.
The lactation consultant also recommended I see my doctor for a prescription of Fluconazole (Diflucan) for myself and for Riley, to try and get rid of the overgrowth of yeast in my entire system. In the meantime I was in a LOT of pain--I can definitely see how an unresolved yeast infection can prompt women to quit breastfeeding prior to their initial breastfeeding duration goals! Holy crap, does it ever hurt. And it is EXPENSIVE. Initially I used the purple stuff, Gentian Violet, which is a tried and true oldie but goodie for yeast, and costs under $5. In addition I used Dr Jack Newman's All Purpose Nipple Ointment, which has a combination of a steriod for pain due to inflammation, an anti fungal medication, and an antibiotic, which cost $55. The pain went away but then came back, despite continued use of the APNO! So I go to the Dr today and she warned me that the oral medication is expensive. BUT I WASN'T EXPECTING $290!!!!!!! Plus a $13 tube of anti fungal cream to replace the APNO (whose antibiotic may be working against resolution of my yeast since it kills good and bad bacteria indiscriminately). That doesn't include RILEY's prescription of Diflucan, which has to be compounded and therefore I don't have to pay for until tomorrow. I am not sure how much it will be but it will also be expensive, because of the drug and because it has to be compounded. >:(
The thing is: this is no guarantee! We could get it back again after paying over $350 to treat this dang thing...
How about some prayer, peoples? Maybe we'll add that to the treatment plan! :)
Fortunately Brent's work will reimburse for some of the cose of prescription meds so eventually we'll get some money back. But even up front, that's grocery money!
Darn my yeasty body.

Eventually I'd like to see a naturopath to try and get my body rebalanced and address whatever it is about my system that so readily encourages the growth of yeast. I know it's far more info than most of you care to read, but in the interest of helping someone else out who suffers from the same chronic problem, I'm going to share! You can skip it if you find it irrelevant or gross. It really sucks.
But naturopaths are expensive. And not covered beyond an initial $300 by our extended health care.


How about if I just cut the boobs off? Then I won't have any more problems!!!

Another yeast-discouraging recommendation? Air and sunshine. Since the weather around here is not really conducive to topless sunbathing this time of year (nor is my townhouse living situation), I've reverted to going topless inside my house from after dinner onwards. Much to Brent's chagrin. I believe he's actually praying I never get better. :P
Last week this backfired on me as my cousin's husband walked in on me airing my nipples. There were nine people and one dog in the house and Leigh was the ONLY person I didn't want to see my naked nipples. And he's the one who saw them, wouldn't you know it?
Brent was wondering when his wife is going to return the favour.
My husband thinks he's so funny.
Ah, boobs.
Gotta love them.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

That last paragraph was hilarious:)

lori lls said...

This is NO FUN, and I know. Pregnancy especially made me crazy with this gunk.

I'm sure you've tried simple acidophilus pills, but I highly recommend the "Natural Factors" brand Double Strength Acidophilus and Bifidus. It ROCKS. If you can't find it anywhere, I would be happy to buy some here and ship it to you, and I believe you will notice a difference in a few days.