Friday, March 27, 2009

Yucky Soup

When we were in Victoria last week Ayden, Matthew, Kaleb, and a handful of other kids at the park made what they called "Yucky Soup." Baisically they threw every organic object they could find in a drain pipe opening that had some standing water in it and poked at it with sticks. Leaves, grass, dirt, bark mulch, sticks, sand, rocks, worms, and all manner of park stuff. It was reportedly for 'bad guys' to eat, as a punishment, while the bad guys were in jail. Sara has some really great pictures of the boys making Yucky Soup at the park.

Yesterday while I was in the shower, Matthew decided to make Yucky Soup in my sink. Here is his indoor recipe:
4 eggs, raw, cracked, without shells
1 bottle of ground thyme
1/2 costco container of parmesan cheese
1 jar of blueberry jam
dash salt
dash pepper
more salt
more pepper
2 cups (approx) corn oil

Time outs were had by all.
All learned the valuable lesson that Yucky Soup is funny at the park, and not so funny in mommy's sink.
(the reason 'all' learned this lesson is that Ayden was an encouraging spectator in this Yucky Soup in the sink business...nearly as culpable)


lori lls said...

A whole bottle of jam? Half a container of parmesan cheese? Matthew has expensive and exotic tastes.

Caryn and Dan said...

Ah yes, the encouraging spectator... always my favorite job title...