Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 Months

8 months old already! Time is flying!

Riley Alexander is now crawling,
pushing himself into and out of a sitting position,
pulling himeslf up to stand,
cruising along furniture,
reaching for people,
feeding himself (no cutlery),
eating cheerios off a dirty floor on a regular basis.
Recently produced a rash on his face as a result of a mouthful of mashed potatoes...confirming that waiting longer to introduce dairy is the right decision for this little boy (next time I'll mash him some without the butter, milk, and cream cheese mixed in with the potatoes. What was I thinking?).
He is still very easy going, happy, and easily entertained. He can be held off if hungry, tired, overstimulated, or wanting to be picked up with some verbal encouragement and eye contact for a fairly long time.
Pulls at my shirt and whines when he wants milk.
Pulls at anyone's shirt and whines when he wants milk, actually!
Throws up WAY less than he used to!
And is DETERMINED to eat rocks. And sidewalk chalk. And grass...

swimming lessons
family members, including extended family
pots and pans and wooden spoons
windy days
screeching like a Nazgul
anything involving slamming, hitting, flailing, or making very loud noise

having his nose wiped
diaper changes
his ears being touched
waiting to be picked up
being alone
slimy food like bananas or kiwi

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Caryn and Dan said...

what a little muffin. I love the sleeping picture. It really DOES fly by...