Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter weekend

We had a great time! Brent's brother Brian and his wife Billie were visiting, with my NEICE! Woohoo! Love that little squirt!!! We visited the aquarium, ate far too much food, played games, watched movies, and all manner of fun.
Here are some pictures!

Riley dressed up and ready to go

Aquarium visit:

After the aquarium we went out for dinner at Red Robin (Olive Garden was our 1st choice but had a 2 hour wait, as opposed to immediate service at Red we modified our plans. 2 hours, with five hungry adults and four hungry children? Seriously, people). While there I determined that Riley loves french onion soup!

Here he was snarfing it down:

And here he was between bites, mad at me for taking so long:

with Auntie Cherilyn

And Easter itself;

Happy Easter, everyone!


Dana said...

Very fun!!

Riley looks so big and long! And I love his shoes!

Asheya said...

Great pics - such cute kids! Love th Easter photos. Have to say those flowers are making me insanely jealous! We are just happy up here that all the snow on the sidewalks has melted and Elias can ride his tricycle (with mitts on, of course).

The aquarium is so awesome! We are really looking forward to going again when we are down in October. And going to some cool restaurants too. Oooooh, I totally have urban envy right now!

tamie said...

Yay for cool jellyfish pictures! I really like jellyfish. Well, I don't like them when they hug me. I like to look at them from afar.

lori lls said...

I really like the jellyfish pics too, and the kids looking with stunned awe at the aquarium stuff.

When I see kids hunting for eggs, I am filled with childlike glee. Whoever came up with that gem of an activity gets two thumbs up from me.

Jen said...

Love all the pics. CUTE kids and lovely spring flowers.