Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello all

Hello, lovelies! It is a gorgeous day today, and I am relishing the sunshine. Yesterday I actually got IRRITATED at the sun because I can't wear sunglasses and it was too bright. But only for a second! I prefer sunshine to rain any day, 1000%.

So after much searching and reviewing of customer reviews, etc, we have decided on a stroller. It is THE BOB Revolution, with 18" back wheels:
The great news is that it is THE exact stroller for our needs. Lightweight, sturdy, good suspension, with a front wheel that turns for walking and locks for jogging. We put a ton of mileage on our strollers, so we need a good one. The bad news is the price tag: $470 plus 13.5% tax. And we would need the weather shield, another $50. Used ones sell for only $50 to $100 less. Not enough to justify one with wear and tear, since we USE our strollers. 2 hours per day, five days a week, plus jogging. On unpaved and paved trails.

We owe some people money. Preschool. My mom. Our speech therapist. And we have some old strollers in our garage. So here is the plan: pay people back the money we owe, sell the old strollers, and THEN I can get my Bob.


VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE BOB. Sad I have to wait.

Speaking of waiting, sorry I have been posting less lately. I really have to blame Riley, as I am no longer 'allowed' to be on the computer for more than 5 minutes if he is awake. And now that he crawls, there is just no way I can take my eyes off of him for more than 3 seconds at a time (I'm working on babyproofing, but it's tough with the older kids' stuff! Plus, he eats the TINIEST specks of dirt, sand, bug, or cheerio!)


Dawn and Dale said...

I bought a BOB with baby shower money after we got home with Charla. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Seriously...... I too have owned many strollers in my 12 years of parenting so far and this one hands down beats all the others by a long shot!! WORTH every penny we spent on it!

We've used ours for barely a year now and then we got our 2nd baby girl!! I struggled with the idea of selling my BOB so that I could buy a double BOB but now a friend just lent me her double stroller for this summer forsure and I think by next summer Charla should be walking more on her own and we'd be back to just needing the single one. (Unless more babies come into the picture!!! lol) ;-)

You'll love it Melissa!! Totally!!

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Stroller envy:) We also use our stroller every single day and the one thing I detest about our jogging one is that the front tire does not rotate (I think we have the same safety first one as you). Annoying!!!

lori lls said...

What I like about this post is you going on and on about the BOB, real hopeful and joyful, and then you break it to us that you can't get it yet. Whatever type of literary tool that is, you rocked it. I am really bummed for you having to wait, but excited for when you get the BOB.

What does BOB stand for? I could google it, but no! I choose communal interaction.