Saturday, April 18, 2009

Odds and Ends

My friend Louise asked about websites I use for crochet. I just googled 'learn to crochet,' and used the first site that came up! It was, search for learn to crochet! My favourite website for patterns and stuff is the Lion Brand site. You have to sign up for it, but sign up is free and they have all kinds of free patterns. When searching for patterns, Amigurumi is the style of crochet that I do. You can also do a google search for free amigurumi crochet patterns and find different websites. Hope that helps!
Apparantly crochet is easier than knitting, so for anyone who has knit before (I haven't) don't be intimidated!

Matthew and I were walking the other day and he said
"Mommy, I hungry. We have any trat ters? [crackers]"
"Ummm, no. We need to buy more from the store," I said, knowing that we buy our crackers from Costco. "We also need to buy some more toilet paper."
"Mommy, I no want to eat TOILET PAPER!"

I howled! We buy toilet paper from Costco too, so I was thinking that while we go there to buy crackers we should also buy toilet paper. Matthew was on a one track eating mind. I almost cried I laughed so hard, I think from the inflection in his voice when he said TOILET PAPER, with such disgust!

Ayden and I are running the 2.5 K Mini Sun Run tomorrow morning. He wanted to do the Sun Run with me this year :) So cute! I was planning on training for and running the full 10 K but I have to tell you, lowering my expectations regarding my fitness goals was a life saver. I was being so hard on myself because I ran the Sun Run the year Ayden was born, so I figured why can't I do it now? But Ayden was 8 months old when I started training for my first Sun Run, and 11 months when I ran it. Riley was 5 months old when I started training for this years' Sun Run, and 8 months on race day, AND I have THREE CHILDREN. It is harder to find time to run when one has THREE CHILDREN who won't all fit in the jogging stroller when I feel like going for a run and my husband is at work! Jeepers. Sometimes I'm way too hard on myself. So, I modified that goal to the 2.5 K mini sun run WITH Ayden and felt much better. My next goal after that will be the 5 K Run for the Cure in September, which I'll be raising funds for, so start saving now!!

Ayden had this thing when he was a baby where he would comfort himself by playing with my or Brent's thumbnail. He did it for years, but recently it has been slowly disappearing. He did it one night around the start of school, and then did it again at New Year's when he had a wicked case of RSV and was super sick. Then again last night he was scared to fall asleep and came into my bed, and held my hand. I felt his thumb slowly migrate to my thumbnail and v.e.r.y. descreetly start rubbing my thumbnail. It totally brings me back to when he was a baby. Sweet boy! Here is a pic of him and his baby brother after they fell asleep

And where was Matthew? I went to check on him and here he was, out in the cold!

Lol. Talk about a cutie. I put him back in his bed and he woke up enough to say, "Hi mommy," and then fell back asleep.

I burnt my chin. I was eating homemade pizza the other night and some cheese slapped off the pizza onto my chin and I got a second degree burn from it! Blister and all! Ack. The hazards of eating.

I just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns for the second time, for my book club last Thursday. Wow, that book is fantastic. Sad, but fantastic. [sometimes those two words are actually sononymous when it comes to books...too much cheer is just not realistic]. I highly recommend it.
Now I'm reading The Pursuit of Happyness. I saw the movie with Will Smith in it when it first came out in the theatre, but I had heard that the book has way more detail. It definitely does. I'm glad I'm reading it too, though it is ALSO quite sad. Not the ending, per se. But the trials he goes through from an early age until he GETS to the ending. Which I presume is the same as the movie, since the point of the book is to highlight the ultimate example of the American Dream in real life. From living on the streets to becoming a millionare in a few [snort] determined steps. I highly recommend this book too. It is amazing what people can survive.

My porridge is ready so I better go.

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Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Have fun at the mini run with Ayden!! Also, I think you shouldn't be so hard on yourself about not having time to're right, you've got 3 boys, a husband who works shift work and besides, you lost all your baby weight already! Thanks for the info on crocheting!