Thursday, May 14, 2009

9 Months

Riley is nine months old today!
He climbs
crawls FAST
pulls off his socks and sucks on them
feeds himself
tries to clap his hands but mostly misses
tries to find objects that are hidden behind things
plays pass with a ball
knows his name!
makes a particular noise to get his brothers' attention
still has 2 teeth
is comfortable going to sleep with daddy or mommy
flings unwanted toys, food, or soothers over his head and behind him

eating grass and rocks
eating lego
eating fluff
eating anything
spicy foods, including curries and peppers
french onion soup
his brothers
deep voices
other babies
our cat
the phone
the remote
wind in his face
sucking his toes

the stroller
the carseat
being left behind
having lego removed from his mouth
having anything put in his mouth, like vitamin D drops, tylenol, or spoonfuls of food
diaper changes
getting dressed

Riley is getting more opinionated these days! And infinitely more interactive and fun. Gone are the days of once a week poonamis. Since eating solids on a regular basis he poops every day, but they are not so explosive. He straightarms anyone he doesn't particularly want to be held by, and rolls so quickly and forcefully that he has fallen off my bed 3 times and the change table twice in the last week alone. Like a cat, he always lands on all 4s. He is a Rambo boy. He slaps, pinches, bites, scratches, kicks, and throws things. He is a VERY physical kid and I percieve we will have our hands full teaching him conflict management and social sensitivity!!! He bites me while breastfeeding several times a day. When I reprimand him in a stern voice he laughs. He may have girly eyes, but this one is ALL BOY. His favourite way to let me know he is happy to see me is to slap me with two hands excitedly! But he's a sweetheart and he means well.

Mr Magoo


Jen said...

I know that he bites you and keeps you up in the night but DANG IT your baby is FREAKING ADORABLE! wow. Can't wait to see you guys. Less than 3 months!

Dana said...

I hope I don't get stiff-armed because I just want to hug him and squeeze him and love him up! (I'll wear some protective gear for the slapping! :) )

He sounds like such a character... but is that any surprise?

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

He is so yummy!! Love the little facts about him, makes us all know him so much more. He's going to keep you nice and busy for years to come:) No wonder you (might) want more, the Vose-Smith genes make some super cuties.

The Land of the Lamberts said...

Funny! My little boy just turned 1 and he sounds a lot like Riley. He too likes to slap, scratch and pull on flesh for fun.
He also thinks that "no" is funny and most of the time just laughs, like we're playing a game...frustrating! My boy, like your is ALL boy it seems. Fun, most of the time! I guess one day they would either wrestle or play ball quite nicely together :)

Breanne said...

Wow. In a few more months you will have a one year old. How fast did that go?