Saturday, May 2, 2009

A day off from the GONG

Brent's mom offered to take our older boys for a sleepover yesterday evening [which invariably extends to the latter part of today...], to which I said, "HOOK ME UUUUUUP!" and the boys said "YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!" So Brent, I, and the baby (who feels like nothing after 3 kids all he's the strong silent type so you could ALMOST forget he was there) had a relaxing evening and a relaxing morning and a relaxing early afternoon. Fabulous.
Yesterday I cooked Brent supper. Now, it is not unusual these days for me to make supper, but I don't usually cook with BRENT in mind, per se. He's cooked plenty of amazing meals for me, but I usually cook for family meals and think of either myself, or the kids, or both. Sounds aweful, but true.
But last night I roasted a chicken, touched it with my bare hands to put butter and (fresh from my herb garden) thyme and turmeric between the skin and the meat, and made a rice and raisins dish, and a salad, and had wine, all with Brent in mind. LOOK how far I have come as a cook, people. NOT ONLY did I make this amazing meal, I MADE IT WITHOUT CONSULTING A RECIPE. I didn't even consider looking for a recipe. I just made it up.
Pat, pat.
I have come so far.
The best part is, I don't hate cooking anymore. It's not my most beloved activity, but it is no longer a grind-my-teeth-and-swear-at-anyone-who-looks-at-me activity for me. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Yes, I have said swear words in the vicinity of my children (those of you who know me best are LAUGHING because this is actually an understatement; you know I have a filthy mouth), for the minor crime of looking at me while I cook.

Then this morning I puttered around with Riley on my hip, and then read my book while he had his morning nap. When he woke up, Brent and I and Riley went for a run! So glorious. So fun.
So three cheers for relatives, hooray!

When my boys returned they were CRABBY! Not enough sleep and too much junk food, I reckon. What else are Grammas for? They had a blast! But it turned out perfect for me, because they went to bed early, and so did Riley, and so despite Brent working a night shift my kitchen is all sparkly (except for the floor, but we'll ignore that) and my children are sleeping and I am enjoying some FREE TIME. What to do with all this free time?

I think I'll go read my book.

xo, blogfriends. love and hugs.

(p.s. no rings yet. pray harder!)

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Dana said...

Sleepover at Grandma's... I'm Jealous... jealous I say!!

I'm so glad you and Brent (and silent Ri) had a great relaxing time together.

I'll keep praying about your rings!