Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good friends are golden

Last week on Thursday friends of ours from church (hi Jenna) invited us over for dinner. I felt kind of rude, because I had to leave before the evening was finished to go to book club, but another friend from book club had also been invited for dinner so it felt somehow less aweful to be rude together. :)
The food was delicious and I NEED the recipe, actually I NEED the cookbook this recipe came from because apparantly every recipe in it is fantastic (though, fatal flaw: very few pictures--I choose recipes from recipe books by flipping through the pictures and choosing one that looks yummy). The company was fantastic. New and old friends together. The brother of our host was there and I have been friends with him for 11 years. Yikes! Am I that old? Yes, I am. And a new couple from our church was there, so someone I've known for a few weeks. I love dinners. I love having people here for dinner, I love going to friends' places for dinner; I love food and people so it is a fantastic way to do both at once. I've been thinking it would be fabulous to invite people over from our church once a month or so as a way to be together and build community rather than your traditional small groups, etc. But of course I've been 'thinking about it' for six months so I'm not the world's most organized person! Anyways I'm glad we were invited because I really like the people who were there and it is always wonderful to be in good company and eat good food. Fabulous!
Jenna and her husband (our hosts) always outnumbered us for kids until recently, and when we were there I was looking at some photos of their girls on the wall and asked, "Where's your photo of your other one?" Meaning, their fourth girl. Yeah, they don't have a fourth girl! So that was good for some laughs. I think I just always think of them as having more kids than us, so three photos on the wall was one too few! Hilarious. What a boob I can be.

Another good friend of mine and I went to Ikea on Monday morning. She has one kid but he is in school during the day so she graciously put up with me and all my three tazmanian devils: at one point Riley was in the kid seat of the Ikea cart with the seat belt on and my friend gasped and I looked over and he was STANDING UP IN THE SEAT with one wobbly hand holding onto the handle of the cart. Wow. Never a dull moment in public with Melissa and her devils. I've had some retrospect panic about that one. I try really hard not to 'What if?' and I'm remarkably good at not doing it the moment something happens (usually. White Rock lost child train incident notwithstanding), but a few hours afterwards the panic hits full force as I imagine all number of emergencies or tragedies playing themselves out before me. My job training doesn't help, as we are SUPPOSED to imagine all possible outcomes, hazards, safety risks, variations of disease, side effects of drugs or treatment, and preventative measures that are within our capabilities. For everyone we treat. Every time. But even there if you "What if?" too much it will hinder your ability to methodically treat a patient. I have recieved lots of positive feedback about my calm methodical style at work (and some negative feedback from impatient partners, because my style takes longer) because I rarely miss anything. I mean, sometimes I miss a symptom or a sign but I mean I rarely miss any of the many steps we are supposed to take in treating the many varied conditions and injuries we encounter in my job. Anyways, my ability to not "What if?" is a big part of that because I observe what is in front of me and deal with it, rather than wondering about seeking or preventing something which 'might' be there or 'might' develop but hasn't proven yet to be the case.
Anxiety is all about "What iffing" for me. So it is a bit of a sideswipe that I do it now, even in the moment instead of waiting a few hours and doing it afterwards. My hope is not to "What if" afterwards either. At least, not much. What if Riley had toppled out of the cart? What if my friend didn't look when she did? What if he had a head injury? What if he died? What would I do? How would I react? How much would I let Ikea's first aid attendant treat my child until the paramedics got there? Probably not much!! But what is the point of all this? I just get anxious.

Riley's standing aside the trip to Ikea was good, and I framed six of the photos our friends from gcphotography took of us in March and hung them on our living room wall. They look FANTASTIC and I'm so glad we did it. Our kids are so cute. The pictures are so great! And the frames from Ikea were the final touch. Awesome.

Monday night I had a date with another friend to go see a dance show in Ft Langley, but when she arrived to pick me up I was all in a frenzy and totally disorganized and Brent was late leaving work so I couldn't go with her after all. I felt AWEFUL! I mean, I've cancelled dates with friends before but not usually after they arrive on my doorstep to pick me up! Yech. But she was really great about it and called another friend to go with her at the last minute so it worked out okay. But you know, I'm usually a little more on the ball than THAT.

A final word: last night before the kids went to bed but after we ate supper I washed my kitchen floor. Why, might you ask, is this cause for mention? Because it has been over 9 months since I washed this floor. Brent has swiffered it a couple of times, halfheartedly, but nothing like what I do. I tackle the floor with hot water and a cloth on my hands and knees because it is the BEST way to get a CLEAN floor with no chemicals. I was tired of getting three day old banana stuck to my socks, and all manner of crumbs. There was oatmeal glued to the bottom of the high chair making the leg stick to the floor. There were rings of sticky stuff with dirt stuck in them. There was a dried river of some sort of juice running down the wall beside the dishwasher. And now, the floor is smooth and clean and there is no hint of banana! No hint of dried river! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........I'm contemplating forcing everyone to eat in the livingroom for three or four days because I haven't cleaned the floor in there yet.........
ha, ha.

It's almost summertime, friends! Woohoo! I'm off to enjoy the sunshine.

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Tonya said...

A clean floor, it's almost summertime and you have good friends. Your life is good!