Friday, May 15, 2009

INTRODUCING.....MY BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!! We got it on Craigslist for $380 with the rain cover included, and it was so little used by the previous owner that the wheels still had the little knobs on them!!!!!! She could have sold this for $500 easy! But she didn't know that!!!! We snapped it up. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my BOB!! It turns so easily! It pushes so easily! Its wheels are so big and durable! It holds up to 70 lbs so even Ayden can ride in it and it STILL pushes easily! WOOOOOHOOOOO! For a family that walks as often as we do, this was an excellent investment.

(and yes, we did pay back the people we owed. but no, i did not yet sell my old collection of strollers--but I plan to! This skoukum deal came up and we couldn't let it pass us by!!)

Riley hates all strollers, so he is not so keen on it as I, but he only protests until we get going, and then he is fine. It's the confinement of seat belts that he doesn't like. You can see him lounging in the second pic. So cute.

WAHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited about this stroller, it's ridiculous. I've already run with it. It runs LIKE A DREAM.
Worth every penny.


Anonymous said...

That pink shirt makes your boobs look HUGE! Your blog post should have been " BOOBS!!!!". You're sexy.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Awesome stroller, awesome deal! I would say that was probably my one regret, not getting a good stroller right from the beginning because I use mine every single day. I mean, ours are decent but they aren't fantastic like your new BOB!!!

Dana said...

Congratulations!!! What a deal. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Asheya said...

Great to have a stroller that enables you in your healthy lifestyle! Looks like Riley's pretty comfy in there, too.

lori lls said...

Nice to meet you, Melissa's BOB. You're so slick and sporty and red and an unbelievable price. Must be nice to be you.

Anonymous said...

Meliss, I guess you're right. I'm not funny. No one commented on my obviously funny, anonymous blog post. Maybe that's because I never comment on your blogs and, as such, do not have a 'blogger' name which would allow people to see my secret identity. Nevertheless, I've always liked your pink shirt. Who am I kidding? I like anything that accentuates your obviously hot body. Are you sure you have three kids?

Your partner in crime, B.

Rachel Clear said...

Okay, the boob thing... that was the first thing I noticed! But someone else beat me to it (I don't do internet on weekends).

But they're nice big, so there's that.

Oh -aahhahah! Now I scrolled down and see that your husband wrote that. TOO FREAKING FUNNY! AHAHAHA! He is so cyberflirting with you and its so adorable that I can hardly stand it!

Deb said...

I READ "introducing my boob" and then saw the picture, and was a little confused, and THEN realized it was about the stroller. I then re-read the title correctly and things made a lot of sense. I, too, was away for the weekend and missed being the first to comment on the boob / bob mix-up. Congrats on both, I guess (although I can relate to the not ENJOYING "HUGE" boobs [to quote Mr. Anonymous B]). Melissa - Enjoy the stroller, Mr. B - Enjoy the boobs.