Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today we managed an enormous amount of cleaning/organizing/reorganizing in our upstairs. We pulled the crib out of storage, set it up in the boys' bedroom, set up our extra bunk beds in the extra bedroom/playroom we have, sorted stuffed animals into "Keep" and "Give away to charity" (there are THREE garbage bags full of stuffed animals in my car ready to give away), and moved all small choking hazard toys into the playroom from the boys' bedroom.
And we cleaned our bedroom.


Riley LOVES his crib, thinks it is hilarious, and wants in constantly. When in, he climbs and rattles the bars and laughs. I bought some crib bedding at Ikea that matches the bedding the two older boys have, and a round rug that matches as well. They are SO CUTE!!! I have some cute pictures! Sorry, my computer is still full and won't download any more pix; we are going to buy an extra hard drive to store our photos on until we can afford a bigger computer. Well, bigger as in newer, not actually as in taking up more mass. You know how it is!

Of course, he doesn't want to actually fall asleep in it. I don't think he knows it is possible to fall asleep without a parent cuddling you, at this point. So I put him to sleep in my arms and then instead of moving him to the playpen in our room, I quietly walked across the hall and put him in the crib. Viola, we have our bedroom back. :)
I feel a teeny bit sad that he is big enough for this now, but mostly I feel great about it, which tells me we are ready. He was waking up too often when we were getting ready to go to bed so it was really a disturbance for him, and he definitely is big enough to make himself heard from another room, especially with the baby monitor on. So, this is a good move. Of course, when he wakes up to feed he will move to our bed but we will be free of baby for the first few hours of the night! I'm going to encourage him to nap in his crib too, so that he becomes more comfortable with the crib in general. Eventually I'd like to encourage some independent falling asleep behaviour so that we can get him to sleep after a short cuddle instead of cuddling all the way to sleep. But we will get there. For now, this works beautifully. Well, so far! One night in!

And our playroom is functional again. It has been awhile since we could say that! It has been a freaking mess in there for months and months. So bad our kids didn't play in our playroom because it was too hard to move around. And now we have a BED for our 'spare bed' mattress!! It will be a bit weird to have to ask Nana to climb up onto the bunk bed to sleep, but no less weird than asking her to crawl onto her mattress on the floor.

I will post pictures when we get the hard drive (this week), but I will just say that it feels AWESOME to have rearranged, organized, and cleaned up our upstairs. Whew. I'm an organizing maniac these days. Laundry. Now beds and bedrooms. What next? ...........Brent has been complaining about the state of our closet for months........maybe that will be up next??? [and seriously, the state of our closet is absolutely my fault. he is correct in complaining and not doing, because there is a mountain of MY clothing and my art supplies on the floor so he can't even reach his of these days I'll get to it!]

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Sara and family said...

We are never too busy for you. When are you coming? How long will you stay? Stay here, we have lots of room and it will be fun. Meg moves in here soon and my mom might be here then but you and the boys can have the family room.

Yippee!! Miss you, love you.