Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Months!

Riley is ten months! He is growing so fast.

Walks up to 7 or 8 steps unaided, several times a day
still scoot-crawls most of the time
climbs stairs unaided
can get off our bed unaided
recognizes the sign language for 'milk' and the word milk
stands alone
screams when his brothers do something he doesn't like
screams when he sees a dog
still has only two teeth!
is switching from two naps to one
can turn the pages on a book

eating dirt
his brothers
eating rocks
food, especially very flavourful or spicy food
meat (he is living up to the Irish name by loving the meat half of meat and potatoes. He doesn't like potatoes)
blueberries and strawberries

bland food like rice or potatoes
being restrained
having his head covered with a blanket
being away from home
long car trips

We love you, Bu!


tamie said...

I didn't like potatoes as a kiddo either! I've never heard of another kid who didn't like potatoes. I still don't like baked potatoes, though I do like them mashed with lots of cream!

I can't believe he's already 10 months!!!

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

So adorable. No matter how old they get, they all look like babies when they are sleeping:)

Rachel Clear said...

I just read my sister's blog, and now yours, and I must say that I'm on cuteness overload.

He. Is. Adorable.