Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bike Riding!

We took the training wheels off Ayden's bike last summer, but he hasn't been comfortable riding it alone until yesterday. We had some warm weather, so we all went outside and Brent gave Ayden some tips, and within 5 minutes he was riding his bike alone! Here is some skoukum video of our biggest monster, riding his bike!


And some more video of Riley being excited about the world of bikes. Look at me, momma! Just like the big boys!! (this video is probably a bit boring if you are not fantastically in love with our baby like we are...but it's not that long!)


And not to be outdone, Matthew on his skateboard:

Aren't my kids cute? Seriously. Today Ayden and Matthew rode their bikes to Ayden's school, and Matthew rode back. I'm the only member of our family who doesn't own a bike, so I need to get on that bandwagon now...I'm thinking garage sales? Tons of people have bicycles in their garages that they never ride. There is no way we can afford a new one right now. Anyways, the wonderful world of bike riding has been opened up to Ayden and we are super proud and excited that he can do it alone now! He was very persistent on the way to school; numerous times he wound up in the blackberry bushes or the fence or simply the pavement of the path, but he kept getting back on! So great. School is finished for Matthew now! Thursday is Ayden's last day! Hooray for SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! [wow, it takes a long time to upload three videos to blogger. i hope you enjoy them, that took over an hour!]


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Go Ayden Go! For some reason I couldn't watch the bottom two videos but will try again later. If you want a good, used bike you can check out Sports Replay in Langley: http://www.sportsreplay.ca/page/page/1285594.htm
That's where Gary got his.

Asheya said...

Elias has the bike craze too. The training wheel bike is a bit too high for him, so my midwife loaned us this great little pedal-less bike that he can just sit on, push with his feet, and then lift his feet up occasionally to learn balance. Such a cool idea. From Germany, of course!

I can't watch videos on blogger, our internet is too slow, but I'm sure your kids are really cute!

Deb said...

Well, I can see all three of your videos, and they're ALL super cute! It's amazing the difference between video and pictures. It's just that much more real!

lori lls said...

My favorite moments were Ayden's thumb's up, Riley's chatter at the beginning, and Matthew's feet pounding down on the pavement when his ride was over.

Thanks for posting!

Caryn and Dan said...

Love the videos! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Rachel Clear said...


All 3 adorable.

I want one!! (of my own, don't you worry)