Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog fodder

I don't complain about my husband. Mostly because he's wonderful, but also because I don't believe it is constructive or nice.
Well, I'm not a saint. I do complain sometimes, just not very often. Tonight while I was cooking dinner I realized I had forgotten one (69 cent) ingredient. Brent offered to go get it, so I happily sent him because it was one of my most delicious, favourite ingredients. I was even happier when he took the two oldest children without being asked. It makes a trip longer to take some kids with you, but it is a nice break in routine for everyone else!
One item. That should take 10 or 15 minutes, right? Not 25. So. Brent shows up 25 minutes later with 3 boxes of cereal, 2 bunches of bananas, salsa, juice, and (the requested item) cilantro. One of those boxes of cereal is Fruit Loops. There is no way I let my kids eat fruit loops, and no way in hell I waste my money on them. Or any other cereal that is sugary junk! [note: it is always dangerous to go to the grocery store when one is hungry] While they were at the store, all three of them ate free samples of food and the boys ate a bag each of the popcorn that my grocery store gives out to kids for free. Funny enough, no one is hungry for their supper.

The moral of the story? Don't send your husband to the store for any ingredients right before supper. You'll be out $30, 25 minutes, and any children hungry enough to eat their suppers. And you'll be mad as a hornet, sulking over dinner and snapping at people, which isn't nice.

That is the moral of this story.
And that completes my husband griping for this evening (for now).

Brent then teased me about the great husband grocery disaster winding up on my blog. Doesn't he know me well?


jenna said...

husband gripping! yes!
Eddie took the kids out to meet his dad last night. The appointment was set for 7:30. I finally called to see where they were at ***11:40 pm***!!
And he calmly replies that they are on hwy 10 on the way home.
At midnight he carried them up the stairs one by one and you think I gave him a hand?
midnight? seriously? what are phones for?

Tonya said...

Sounds like the book "If you give a mouse a cookie..." If you send your husband to the grocery store when he is hungry ... :-) ALL errands take longer than expected with husbands. It's a rule.

Rachel Clear said...


At least your husband came back with the item you wanted. There is always a 50/50 chance that my husband will come home with bags of junk and NO item.