Sunday, June 14, 2009

Latest crochet creation

I finished this doggie for Ayden in Vernon;

And here are all three of my Amigurumi crochet creations, all together on a playdate;

I'm currently speedily finishing a monster for my chiropractor's baby, who is due next week. Almost done! Getting faster, and better!


tamie said...

These are SO COOL!!!!!!! Do your boys love them? They are rad! I need to learn to do this!

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

That dog is my favourite one so far...way to go!

Tonya said...

Those are so cute! I am impressed!

Deb said...

I can't believe you taught yourself off the internet! You're an amazing woman! Those are CUTE animals.

melissa said...

thanks guys! yes, tamie, my kids love them. Especially Ayden. He and Matthew make their cat and dog play together often. Very cute. It helped that each big kid special ordered his toy, so he felt a part of the process as far as what type of animal, what shape, what colour, etc. They are fun!

Next up? Knitting.