Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playground sibling rivalry

Lately Riley has been quite vocal about his opinions on things. He has learned that in order to KEEP the toy he is playing with, he needs to put up a fuss when it is circumvented. Matthew figured out early that taking toys from a baby is very easy and has few consequences. Well, lately, circumvention has been circumvented by Riley screaming like he's being murdered!
Today at the playground Matthew was very gently and sweetly playing with and around Riley, and doing VERY well sharing the equipment. At one point Riley discovered a twisted metal climber and was gleefully hanging onto the bottom rung. Matthew climbed on and zoomed to the top, and Riley SCREAMED and SCREAMED! It was HIS toy and he would NOT share and Matthew was NOT allowed to climb on it or touch it or even walk near it. His face was beet red, he had big crocodile tears falling down his cheeks, and he was angrily slamming his fist on his thigh. So FUNNY! Fortunately Matthew could care less about Riley flipping out, and I have the all magical comfort boob, so all was not lost. Within minutes the incident was forgotten and everyone was playing happily again.
It is hilarious to watch them get so riled up over nothing. I wonder if God watches US that way, sometimes?

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Rachel Clear said...

Oh man. I love this one. I really can picture Riley doing that and I'd love to know exactly what it was that was going through his tiny little head, you know?