Thursday, June 25, 2009

The pound thing

So I've been in booty camp for a month now. I love it! It is tons of fun and lots of work, but feels a bit like hanging out with my friends because a few of the girls are friends of mine, and the others are really nice. I am finally noticing an upswing in my energy level, which is great, and some more stamina in some of the exercises. It is good to see results.
But I have a problem. To celebrate my return to fitness I broke down and replaced our old, $11 scale which had a margin of error of about 6 lbs (proven by stepping off the scale and then back on again: your weight could fluctuate 3 lbs in either direction in seconds. So, rather inaccurate. But usually fairly consistent if you stood a certain way and only weighed yourself once). I went digital because I figured it would be more accurate, and that you could really see if it WAS accurate by stepping on and off again to see if the number was the same.
The problem here is twofold: since I started boot camp I have GAINED THREE POUNDS. Yeah, I'm sure it is muscle, yeah, I look and feel better, but I still GAINED THREE POUNDS, people. And to add to that (pun intended), my new, digital scale measures a solid 5 lbs heavier than my old one. I have since been told by several people that a 4 to 5 lb heavier measurement is common with digital scales (all of you who have digital scales can now happily subtract 5 lbs from your current weight), so I would NOT have bought a digital if I'd known. The numbers game is extremely vicious for me. So, add the three pounds to the five pounds and suddenly, since starting boot camp a month ago, I weigh 8 lbs more. I'm sorry. Some can handle this, I cannot. I have been hovering around 140 lbs, up one, down one, since September sometime. I was 137 when I got pregnant, so I was pretty close to prepregnant weight and have been for awhile. So I think of myself as a "high 130s girl with a goal of low 130s." Often before I was pregnant I would hover around 135, so this goal wasn't ridiculous. Okay. My new scale calls me 149. In fact, this morning it called me 150, but the jury is out on whether that was a one day fluke or not. So I have to adjust myself from a "high 130s" girl to a "150s girl." I am SO not okay with this.
And to add to the confusion, I was complaining at boot camp about the 3 pound weight gain so they redid my measurements for me. If you add all the parts they measure together (shoulders, chest, bust, waist, abdomen hips, thighs, and calves), I lost a total of 6 1/2 inches!! A full inch around my abdomen, which was the part of me I hated most (I still look pregnant), so that was good news, even though I didn't FEEL like my clothes fit me differently, they obviously are, just a bit.
How can you lose 6 1/2 inches and gain three-but-sounds-like 15 pounds?
I can't even take the scale back because we already recycled the box.
My goal is 130. I used to be 11 lbs away from that and now I am 20.
I want to KILL MYSELF!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Okay...a few things:
1. My digital scale always showed me weighing more than the doctor's scale so maybe they are heavier!
2. Dude, I would be so happy to be a 140's girl.
3. I was also upset today due to what the scale said. I think I'm done my `Journey to Fitness' as of today:) Kind of kidding but I don't think my body can lose anymore while breastfeeding this much unless I want to feel half dead all the time.
4. Way to go on the inches!! I should've measured my inches too. Whenever I see pictures of myself (especially sideways), I always look about 3-4 months pregnant. Does it ever go away?
5. 140's girl...seriously, i would like that.

Caryn and Dan said...


Rachel Clear said...

Melissa, I totally hear you.

The weight thing does matter in that it's one of the few ways we have to actually guage how we're doing with weight, health, overall fitness, etc.

I would be excited about those lost inches those. I care more about inches than I do about pounds because I have weighed 130 as a six 8, and 125 as a size 2-4. See what I'm saying? Not a lot of change in pounds, but I was INCHES smaller, and those inches were solid, not squishy. If you are losing inches, you are doing awesome, and you'll keep doing awesome! 6 inches in a month is fantastic work, so keep it up.

I feel your pain on the scale. I discovered when I went to the doctor that my scale was shorting me by 5lbs so I was heavier than I thought... waaaaaaagh! But again, those inches count.

And this will only help a little (it helps me a little, but not a lot), but your husband absolutely adores you just how you are, and he's the one who primarily (I'm guessing) gets to see you naked on a regular basis and clearly, based on his sporadic blog posts, you do it for him. So... keep up the good work. You'll get to where you want to be very soon, my dear.


The Land of the Lamberts said...

Once again, after reading your blog I find my own thoughts amongst yours. WE are so much a like!! I'm sure there are many differences but there are many similarities too. I think I might just get copy-write permission from you and then copy and paste your blogs to mine so that I don't have to come up with this great stuff on my own and it would save me time :) I would just change the names and such :0
Someday, we'll for sure have to do coffee or something.
Keep up the great work! I too get frustrated with weight loss. I've been making some major changes to my lifestyle and it seems the pounds are just permanent residence of my body. Why is it, that we can gain many pounds in just a day, but can't loose it?

Colleen said...

throw the scale away! you would be so happy and excited if all you knew was how many inches you'd lost. Chuck it out!

tamie said...

I am with Colleen. The scale was invented by Satan. It must go.