Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some stuff

Monday morning my friend asked me to come and speak in her grade 4/5 class, since they were studying human biology and had some questions that were more involved than her knowledge base. I'm no biologist, but I have studied anatomy and physiology for paramedic school, and for biology classes in university, and have always been very interested in the subject. So I put on my uniform Monday morning and I went to speak to 32 VERY enthusiastic students about human biology. It was VERY good for me, as it reminded my why I like my job and why I am interested in medicine, and how very passionate I am about health and the human body. I was asked questions that ranged from, "Have you ever had anyone die in the ambulance?" to "What's the weirdest thing you have ever seen?" to "What makes blood move in the right direction in the veins as it returns to the heart?" to "What causes a heart attack?" to "Why do babies sometimes not come out when the pregnant woman is in labour for a very long time?"
These kids were SMART. And they were so attentive; I answered questions for an hour and not once did I get a silly question, a repeat question, or notice anyone's attention wavering. It was so fun, I would do it again in a nanosecond. It helped me remember why I like my job, and made me feel a bit better about going back again in August! I'm so, so glad I was able to get more time off through EI, since I was not ready to go back this month and would have resented the extra time separated from Riley before he is a year old. This way I can go back with a more positive attitude and enjoy what I do, which is a very cool job with incredibly weird and complex situations which require creative thinking to handle. Especially the car crashes. I love the crashes. All paramedics sign up for the crashes.

I then went directly to the ferry to go to Victoria (with just Riley) to celebrate my sister's graduation from UVic's Nursing program. She graduated with high marks and great feedback from clinical instructors, and tons of interesting experiences. Awesome!! I'm so proud of her. I clearly remember her slogging away at 2 years into her 4 year degree, and feeling like the next two years just COULDN'T be done...but she persevered, and now she's a boda fide nurse~it is neat to hear her and my mom commiserate about or discuss nursing issues, and compare their experiences at the beginning and end of their careers.

Here are the rest of the lost-then-recovered photos I have. Two of my favourites, including one of Riley's first few times standing alone, were destroyed. But many were saved. Enjoy!

Hmmmmm....the captions and photos are all mixed up....I'll have to fix it later, as I don't have time now!

Here is one of our early trips to the water park this season (Matthew and Ayden have discovered that lying down on the cement path can be quite warm if you are cold from the water)

The only photo we were able to recover of the boys' bedroom with Riley's crib in it (Disappointing, because there was a super cute one of the three of them in the crib--we'll have to take another one like that!)

The Pooplosion in Chilliwack:

Pooplosion reactions;

And me, after the cleanup

I HAD to take this because Ayden was reading the Toys 'R Us flyer on the couch--he's so like his father it is hilarious. I never read flyers. Brent reads every single flyer that enters our house.

backyard fun;

In Vernon;

Ayden picked me a bouquet of wildflowers

and made me this card (with help from Nana)


Jen said...

Your teaching/interview experience sounds so fun! I'm glad you are getting amped to head back to work. What a blessing to have a full year with your babe. LOVE Canada for that reason. The US has it so messed up. Love all the pics. Amazing kids. Fab family. Can't wait to see you all...

tamie said...

I never read flyers either. Why do people read flyers???

Sounds like a great time, going into the classroom. I think we all need reminders of why we love to do what we love to do.

By the way, where will Riley be once you're back at work? Will you and Brent be able to take the kids in shifts some?

melissa said...

I've NO IDEA why ppl read flyers, it seems like a colossal waste of time. Worse than watching tv! Kind of like only watching commercials on tv!!
but my dh is weird. And my son is, too, apparantly.

When I go back to work B and I will take turns. In my line of work, part timers get absolute say over which days they are available to work, so I will only be available for *some* of his days off. That way, we save on childcare. The odd weekend we may both work, because Brent's mom is off weekends and can take the boys.
We had a great daycare before, but of course mom or dad or grandma are better! And much cheaper!