Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11 Months

Riley is 11 months old today!
I love this picture because it captures Riley's personality so well.
This past year has really flown by at the speed of light!
I can't believe he is old enough to run around, eat everything in sight, and recognize words. Where did my baby go?

Waves hello and goodbye
Walks unassisted exclusively, and refuses to hold hands most of the time
Can walk holding an object, and regain his balance without sitting down about half the time
Can stand up from sitting on the ground
Slides down from our bed unaided (but will not do the same on the stairs, despite repeated attempts to teach him)
Eats really well! Loves spicey foods, vegetables, sauces, and soup. Eats some fruit unaided, like plums and nectarines, if handed the whole fruit (obviously we watch him closely). Also loves raw, cut vegetables like peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes
Cut two more teeth on June 25th and 26th, for a total of four teeth; two on top, two on bottom
Dances to any music
Can now tolerate SOME dogs if familiar with them, and if he is not overtired
now eats dairy
falls freqently, and has road rash on his face and bruises on his body all the time, but DETERMINED to DO IT HIMSELF

his brothers
daddy (actually has shown a preference for brothers and daddy on numerous occasions over the past month--a new development from his previous strong preference for momma. He's branching out!)
our cat
growling, chasing games
tickle monster
wrestling with daddy and brothers
babyball (a dangerous game we invented where baby is tossed from one parent to the other)
eating ROCKS! AUGHHHHH! He earned the nickname RockMuncher on our camping trip last week
attempting to run
making this warbling, wah-wah-wah-wah noise by flicking his wrist abck and forth over his mouth
his crochet bunny made with love by my friend Dana (definitely his lovey toy). In fact, here is a picture of him sleeping with it;

(I'll send you a copy, Dana)
being in the Ergo
using his left hand to feed himself
any and every chance to climb stairs (anything forbidden is that much more enticing, isn't it?)
books and stories
being sung to
opening and closing doors and gates
grabbing, pinching, hitting, kicking, slamming....

being cold
diaper changes
getting dressed
travelling in general
feeling left out of things
being left on the other side of a door, gate, or other obstacle
dogs that are unfamiliar
large animals (we saw elephants at the farmer's market yesterday and he started to cry)
being picked up by people he is unfamiliar with
mashed potatoes, rice, and ice cream (too cold!)

Mr Magoo
RiweyRiwey (Matthew's pet name for him)

What a wild 11 months this has been. You add so much sparkle to our lives, pooter! Every night when you fall asleep I watch you and thank Jesus for sending you to me. My life is full, and joyful, and happy, with you in it [and your brothers, of course!]

(that's his carseat face)


Rachel Clear said...

Looooove the thighs on that boy!

Dana said...

Great post! I love The Many Faces of Riley photos. Especially the one of him with the axe. ;)

So cool that he enjoys Blue Bunny so much! Awwww!

Tonya said...

Your monthly updates are awesome! You obviously KNOW your child. He is adorable.

Caryn and Dan said...

Okay the top photo cracks me up! So cute! What a monkey!

Breanne said...