Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Reuben Vose

At long, long, overdue last here is my new nephew Reuben. Sweet juicy soft perfect babyness....
His was, as reported, a beautiful birth--more painful but less work than my sister in law's first birth. He was 6 lbs, 14 oz at birth but still managed to get a shoulder stuck on the way out. A quick positional change was all it took to manouver him out (positional change of mom, not babe), and he was in very good shape from the get go. No separation of mom and baby, which is wonderful because Ella was in the nursery all day her first day of life on observation. It is necessary sometimes, but better for mom and baby if it can be avoided.
Reuben eats like a champion and is already pushing 10 lbs at 5 weeks! He reminds me of some sort of apple pastry with maple syrup....delicious...

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Dawn and Dale said...

I LOVE him!! What a cutie bug!! :)

I love the picture of you holding Ruben!! (I think they've changed his name to be spelled this way......) It makes me smile cause that's how I always hold him when I see him!!! :)

What a sweetie pie!!