Saturday, July 25, 2009

Booty camp is kicking my butt

I'm so tired.
I've gained some more weight.
I have been going to boot camp religiously when we are home.
I had this problem with Ayden, too; my body likes to hold on to weight while I'm breastfeeding. "Oh no! The tub of lard baby might starve! We better hold onto extra fat stores, just in case!"
Though I noticed this week a huge drop in my appetite, which likely means Riley is requesting less milk volume. Which I figured, based on the fact that he is waking up far less at night--1 or 2 times compared to 2 to 6 times between midnight and 8 a.m., and based on the fact that he seems to take in less volume during the day. It is kind of sad to leave yet another baby factor behind, but kind of nice to be less tethered, you know? And he still nurses lots. Five or six times in 24 hours, sometimes more. Not as much volume, though.

I have been studying in preparation for going back to work. Jeepers, but CPR is complicated when you read it on paper, yet so simple when you do it in real life. That makes it hard to brush up just by reading through my materials. I have a ton of other protocols to study up, too--not to mention the fact that my union is still on strike, so I have NO IDEA the can of worms I'll be walking into when I go back. I may actually have been required to do picket time while on maternity leave, but I haven't had access to the new email system that was implemented just after I left, so I won't know till I return. Who knows, maybe I'll get kicked out of my own union and get an early jump start on my next career? [yikes. dudes. i so cannot afford that scenario, financially or emotionally] Ha ha.

I better go.



Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I just wonder if I will gain weight when I stop breastfeeding because I won't be expending so many calories. Oh well, it's still a ways away. I'm actually really enjoying it right now.

Dana said...

I can imagine how discouraging that would be. But try to focus on all the good stuff happening in your body as a result of your hard work!