Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ergo, ergo

Can I just say how much I LOVE my Ergo baby carrier? I know I've mentioned it on here before but I have to sing its praises once more. Mainly because I forgot to pack it when we went camping, and I gotta tell you, keeping a curious, walking rock muncher out of the campfire is a full time job without any apparatus to restrain him. I use the Ergo almost every day, still, almost 11 months in. THAT is a good baby product. I used it today, to pick raspberries at the U-pick. In fact, he was helping himself to raspberries over my shoulder! And then I used it again while I made jam. Because momma just can NOT be allowed to make jam without a fussy baby begging to be held.

Riley now often rejects our hands while walking. He wants to do it himself, thank you very much. He waves, goodbye and hello. He still eats rocks, dirt, grass, leaves, sticks, and cat hair at every single opportunity. He's thinning out now that he can walk. Those thunder thighs and baby rolls are gone. :(

Tomorrow we leave for Vernon. But I can post from Vernon, so never fear. And I will catch you up on my photos.


Happy summer travels and fun times!

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lori lls said...

I love mine too and use it continually. Thanks so much for the positive recommendation!