Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Heya, so I'm getting the feeling that there are some who were a fan of the work stories, and some who were not. So, I will put in the title of a blog post if there are work stories, so those of you who are WEAK and SPINELESS (mwahahahaha) can skip out. :)

I'm not sure when I will have the energy to post more, because I'm MELTING away like butter because we are having a wicked heat wave this week. It is so hot that when we go to the water park to cool off, it doesn't cool me off. All I am is wet and hot. And tired. The heat sure wears me out. Today was 38 degrees, which is the hottest I remember it being in Langley since the year Ayden was born, and MUGGY. Ick. Yech. It reminds me of Thailand; you have a lukewarm shower in the morning to cool off as much as to clean yourself, and you spend the next twenty minutes trying to dry yourself enough to put your clothes on without sticking, then you give up and put them on even though they stick, and then you have to stand in front of the fan for five minutes to dry the sweat that is dripping off your face from the exertion of getting dressed.

My house is so hot I think twice about washing clothes because the dryer produces heat. Our strata does not allow clotheslines. It is so muggy it would take the clothing three days to dry if hung up inside the house. Yaughhhh! I swear it was hotter than 38 degrees in my kids' bedroom this afternoon.

This morning when I pulled up to the park for boot camp [yes, I am amazing, yes, please tell me I am, because i still go to boot camp when it is HOTTER THAN HELL], my car thermometer said the outside temp was 33 degrees. At 9 o'clock in the freaking morning!
My poor kids. I shaved their heads tonight because their hair was just making them sweat like crazy. And my poor baby. He has no idea what is going on, or why he is so uncomfortable. All he does is wander around wanting me to pick him up, and then whining when I do because my body is too hot. He's happy at bathtime in the evening, and that is about it.

Thank you, ladies who responded to my earlier post about breastfeeding and biting. I had heard of but forgotten the trick of pushing their face into your breast, although I don't find he bites and hangs on, he bites and releases so quickly that by the time I realize it, he has already let go. So I am not sure it will correlate enough to be effective. I'm trying to put him down when he does it deliberately, though sometimes it is while I am sleeping so I don't have the energy. And sometimes I just put up with it. I'm hoping he will learn about 'ouch' soon, so I can talk to him about it.

I have to say, today was incredibly long. I got up at 8:30 and didn't sit down until 10:30 at night, except to eat. And I had still hoped to clean up from dinner and to can some tomatoes. I don't have it in me. My body is BEAT. The reason it was so long is because Brent worked a day shift so he left the house at 5 a.m., and he worked 12 hours and then went out for beers after work, so I had to do it all. Which I don't mind doing, and seriously am used to doing the 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. routine so I don't mind it. But to cook dinner and put the 3 kids to bed alone takes so long I have no energy left for dishes [let alone tomatoes!], and my feet hurt bad.

Despite all the heat and my sore feet and long hours, we had a really good day. Boot camp, sprinkler fun, bike riding in the driveway, dairy queen, water park, friends for supper, backyard water hose fun, bath and haircuts, and bedtime. It was awesome. Hooray for summer!!! When we were in the drive through for dairy queen Ayden asked me, "Mommy why is there no Dairy King? Ice cream isn't just for girls!" How does one answer questions like these, honestly? Ten minutes later he determined, "I think the Burger King must be the boy and the Dairy Queen must be the girl, like they are married or together or something." Yes, maybe. And that only took ten minutes of weird, one sided conversation to figure out. Ayden often sorts things out verbally.

Another thing I never thought I would have to say I actually had to say twice today, once to each older boy:
"Please don't lick your brother's bum."

And to Matthew:
"Do NOT eat out of the blueberry dish like a dog." [this dish was for all of us to share and technically belonged to my friend. How does one not know it is socially unacceptable stick your face in a dish of communal food?]


Roboseyo said...

and you're still going to boot camp? you rock!

Deb said...

You do rock. I don't even have the ability to stop myself from having two servings of ice cream. Be proud, be VERY proud! You're amazing!