Monday, July 6, 2009

More photos

June 20th we went to the annual Thai Family Picnic in North Vancouver. I LOVE this event. Last year we missed it for some reason or another, I can't remember why. But this year I took all three kids (Brent was working) and we had a great time. We met in the park, played a relay egg race, sac races, tug of war, and etc. My older boys were in a face painting phase at this point, which is why their faces are all weirdly colored. They would get up early in the morning, pull out the face paints, and go wild. I don't care. It's a case of artistic self expression, and if they want to look hilariously ridiculous, all the power to them.
We also had the picnic catered by a Thai restaurant in the area, and it was FABULOUS FOOD! All three of my kids loved the food, and I snarfed down my share and then their leftovers. So good. It is wonderful for Matthew to know he's not the only child in the world who was born in Thailand and adopted by Canadian parents, and it is very good for him to be in a racial majority for once. Not that they notice that much, but some part of him does, I'm sure of it.
I have picked out one of the little Thai girls to be his wife someday. Her name is Chanida and I LOVE her. She was adopted a few weeks after Matthew was. Her parents had a biological son 7 months after adopting her, and are in Thailand right now picking up their second Thai daughter, Daow. SO awesome. While I was at the picnic I had the fleeting thought, "I could see myself doing this again," especially when I saw a little 2 year old boy who reminded me of Matthew at that age. But no. It was a fleeting moment in time. But it was good to experience because it makes me feel more positive about the adoption process we went through. As difficult as it was, it was simply a transition (albiet a long one) and it is now behind us. I can safely say that Stu has been destroyed. I always figured I would have an AHA! moment and that would be the end of Stu [my guilt over bungling Matthew's transition into our family, nicknamed Stu for Shut The * Up, for those of you who are newer]. But as it turned out this winter and spring Stu slowly faded away as I dealt with my anxiety disorder and discovered the root cause of my powerful negative emotions. And he's gone. Praise Jesus, I'm free.
And here are some pictures of our Thai Family Picnic;


tamie said...

So cool! That's awesome that you guys did that. I think you guys get out more than we do, and you have 3 kiddos! (Although, being near a city as you are helps....we could go to a cow-tipping or two, I suppose.)

It's interesting about Stu, how there was no aha moment. I do think it often works like that: we wake up one day, a year or two after the fact, and think: oh, I guess that's over now, and I guess it's been over for a while now, but I didn't really notice when it left. One thing that feels important to me is to occasionally sit down and take stock of what's shifted, and especially to celebrate the positive shifts. They can be so gradual that we never fully appreciate how huge it is that things have really changed!

Of course it also seems important to sit down and take note of what might be shifting in not-so-positive ways we hadn't intended. I've been feeling that way about yoga and bike-riding recently. Without my conscious decision, I've been driving (Jon's car) more, doing yoga much less, and eating food that isn't the kind of food I want to be eating habitually (more meat, more sugar). I suppose all of this is really normal during a transition time, when I've moved to a town that's much less bike-friendly (almost no bike lanes; roads with no shoulder) and has zero good yoga classes...and also the food habits of this area are very different. At many restaurants, there are basically no vegetarian options at all.

So yes, it's understandable. But that doesn't mean I want to keep up the trend!

Oh dear. I see I've just co-opted your post about your son's trip. Sorry. Although, you did mention Thai food! Which I sure do miss. (We had some great Thai places in Flag.) :)

In summary: yay Matthew! Yay your cool family!

Deb said...

I recognize one of the other families there, Aiden, Drew and Caleb are friends of ours as well (Aiden is two kids over from Matthew, Drew is beside Aiden).

I think in some ways this was your "Aha" moment. It just wasn't a "Stu is being kicked in the butt" moment, it was a "Stu is long gone" moment. Both are AWESOME, and I'm very proud of you!

Your family is wonderful - and good for you for letting them face paint and be artistic. That's AWESOME!

It was so good to see you - by the way!

Rachel Clear said...

Adorable! I always scroll down and look at the pix before I read, and I thought, "Wow, there are a lot of Thai kids in Canada". SO GREAT that you have that community.

Your boys are adorable.

The face paint thing made me laugh. I only WISH my sister and I had done something semi-cool like that instead of permed mullets. Hindsight.

Great pix, great post!

Jen said...

What a great thing, that gathering. And I am delighted that Stu really is long gone. That is awesome news.