Friday, July 10, 2009

We're back!

It was somewhat soggy, but we had fun!

Now we are back. Quick updates:

-my grandpa is still alive, sitting up on his own, off life support, and being moved to a general ward today. He sustained a lot of brain damage and will have to live the rest of his time in an extended care facility, but he recognizes one of his daughters and talks about some of his grandkids, so that is good. Thank you for your prayers.

-camping was very relaxing, once we got there. I'll fill you in on the trip up tomorrow. There was some puking involved...

-riley now almost exclusively walks. :( I miss my baby.

-So You Think You Can Dance KICKS ASS!

-Matthew has remembered that he has a bladder! Oh joy!

-Ayden promptly has forgotten that he has a bladder. ? He is six. Toileting has always been an issue with this kid, because he has to be IN CONTROL, so holds his pee until he's in pain. And still won't go. I've gotten to the point where I don't wash pee underwear anymore. I just throw it in the garbage. [this method is, admittedly, expensive].

-Matthew got into Mrs Mattson's kindergarten class [great!], in the afternoons next year [not great :( ]

-I finished an amigurumi penguin for my niece, Ella, and have almost finished an octopus. I'm becoming the queen of rounds! {harder stitch} Road trips are awesome for crochet.

-I married a very funny, VERY good looking man. And he's very handy to have around on camping trips. He does all the hard work and makes it look easy, and doesn't complain. It doesn't always LOOK pretty, but his contraptions get the job done [it's okay, I'm used to living with function presiding over aesthetic--my dad was the same way. "Does it work? What are you griping about, then?"]. But seriously, I think he is the handsomest man I've ever met.

Some pictures:

We looked after our friends the Rehmans' two lovely kids in late June [we think Riley might have a 'thing' for Addie, what do you think???!]. Aren't they CUTE? That little devil Bennett has me hook, line, and sinker. Yes, he's the baby whose ankle I busted a year ago on the slide, yet here they are, trusting me to look after their kids again. Don't they ever learn?? And yes, Bennett could ask me for chocolate cake for breakfast and I would make it for him, in a heartbeat. All I ever want to do is spoil him. And his sister is a sweet cake, too! Soon enough I'll be making her chocolate cake for breakfast, too, I'm sure.

And this is me trying to get a photo of Riley breastfeeding;
(stinker thinks he's a movie star)

(can you see him smiling? still a movie star. Jeepers!)

My mom always wants new breastfeeding photos for her business as a Lactation Consultant. She works from the hospital but also does private cosultations and wants to open her own clinic. Any of you have beautiful photos of boobs and babies or toddlers and wouldn't mind sharing them with my mom, let me know!


Deb said...

Do you have a favourite dancer on SYTYCD?

Rachel Clear said...

Wowsers... I just tried imagining myself with boobs as big as yours and breastfeeding... I can't wait! (For both) :-)